SLK 32 AMG or Z3 M

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  1. No idiots on this forum please.No 'Merc sucks or BM sucks' We all have our preferences and I'd like some educated opinions.
    Personally they are both unreal cars bought to us by two of the finest car makers of our time.For once Benz (AMG) have produced a production 'M' car competitor and a mighty fine one.Yes they both have approx the same size engine and the Benz the advantage with a supercharger, but the game is on! I have always said BM is the better drivers car but the Benz is the better to be driven in.This time its apples for apples.I'd probably (if I could honestly - not like most on this site !! - afford either) go for the Benz with its roof , and slightly better specs.Also there are fewer of them around.
    Decent opinions only please <!-- Signature -->
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    Personally, I don't like either car very much. I find the M Roadster's styling dated (and not particularly impressive to begin with) and the SLK's too feminin. The engine of the M Roadster simply can't be beat (unless it is in a M3<IMG SRC="">), and the great five speed tranny it has makes it the clear choice for me though. This SLk is a wonderful car, but not what I'd look for in a sports car. <!-- Signature -->
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    for me, i'll take the SLK.
    i just love the AMG supercharged V6.But i really don't like the 5 speed auto.(doesn't work for me.)<!-- Signature -->
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    I'd be happy with either, both have sedated looks, they stand out, but don't scream the power and performance that their capable of. Perfect for unsuspecting people at traffic lights.

    The AMG for cruising and highways with a little twists.
    The M Roadster for simply punting hard all the time.
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    IŽll select SLK undoubtly because of its design and level of luxury. I can tell you that itŽs perfect for a daily driving and suits perfectly when you want to have some "fun". I find Z3 ugly and I know itŽs a very good car but doesnŽt fit me and doesnŽt have the same safety measures that the SLK has.
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    I'd take the SLK for sure. First for its look and its interior. And also for its nice roof.
    I just prefer the 'box of the Bimmer.
    If only //AMG could put manual trannies in their cars !!<!-- Signature -->
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    Today I went to test drive the C-coupe since it's the only Benz that I can afford...and I finally get to see the first SLK32 in my whole life. :0
    It's loud...louder than any other MB v6 engines (louder than my friend's C43), and it also sounds nice. (Probably because of the supercharge)<!-- Signature -->
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    I know the the Benz is faster, but it doesnt come in manual tranny. Overall the M Roadster was rated better.
    I preffer the slk 32 amg.
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    If you have to ask that question, you have no business in this forum. <!-- Signature -->
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    IŽve seen one only yesterday and the only thing of interest is the automatic. for the looks on the street, no m roadster has style like this little bugger. The m coupe...maybe, but if you look at the z3Žs front, you will notice that it looks absolutely boring, only thing are the four pipes
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    With out a doubt the SLK 32 AMG
    I think it's a much better car overall<!-- Signature -->
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    I personnaly find the SLK 32 AMG much more beautifull than the Z3 M
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    ME, I'd take the Mercedes over the BMW any day. Still, there's a car better than these two. It's called 2002 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Cabriolet. But I still think that Germans make better cars than Americans. But this time, they didn't manage to beat the Vette. I'm sorry for them.<!-- Signature -->
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Bugatti_Dude</i>
    <b>ME, I'd take the Mercedes over the BMW any day. Still, there's a car better than these two. It's called 2002 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Cabriolet. But I still think that Germans make better cars than Americans. But this time, they didn't manage to beat the Vette. I'm sorry for them.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    There is no Z06 convertible, unless a lot of things have happened in the last week that I haven't heard about. Of course, I'd say the normal Vette convertible is plenty fast enough and could probably hand these two cars their asses on the right track.<!-- Signature -->
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    These two cars are excellent, but i will go with the SLK, cauze:
    -It's a mercedes
    -It's Beautifull
    -It's fast
    -Coupe and cabrio in the same time!!!

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    i think i'll go with the bmw not cuz of the manual but only cuz the slk kinda looks like a first car for daddyz little girl car looks but the slk haz more power torque and mayb better control more lux but i'm goin with a mz3 but the slk is stil a very nice car
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    The original 230 SLK with the wierd steering, inline 4, wimpy 16" wheels, the flat black side skirts, lame front air dam and the high cushy springs sat too high for such a short wheelbase, and ended up looking pretty damn stubby.

    HOWEVER, MAKE NO MISTAKE, the SLK32 AMG is A LEAN MEAN STREET FIGHTING MACHINE. 17" AMG Monoblocks, a killer front air dam and side skirts, dual fat AMG exhausts out the back, hunkered down dirty and low...
    It is NOT, I repeat NOT your sister's car. Not unless she can handle 349 throbbing horses to a rear-wheel drive, 3200 pound-light rocket. It's a matter of a big steady flat torque curve coupled to a light, tight, low machine on good rubber. Add a very cool roof and this car KICKS ASS.
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    Personley I like the Mercedes more. My aunt owns one and they are fast. It is must faster then just a regular Z3. I think this should be Compared with da M Coupe. They both really nice cars. And the hard top for this car is hella tight.
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    Do you know which car is better to buy?Neither the SLK32///AMG and neither the Mroadster.The car that you should buy is very fast very dynamic very wild very good very stillish etc... and itssociety knows much about supercars because it was built to make ONLY supercars.It's the TVR TAMORA very fast and recently made.
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    I would go with the SLK 32 AMG. It is a very wikid car. If it was a little cheaper alot of people would have it, including me. It is perfect. It has everything. It makes a great sports car and alot better than Z3 M. I like BMW's but the truth is that the slk 32 amg is better.
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    I am a 16 year old Merc + BWM fanatic ( i do like other cars but none match up) I have read almost every article on both cars and seen both on the road.
    Personally i like mercedes but in this case i will have to go for the BMW. In almost every article it has been given stars for being one of the funnest cars to drive. The merc would still rip but the BMW has a faultless gear box and the manual is the only way to go for this much power. I also like it that the BMW can get the power without the supercharger but i like merc for having the balls to shuv it into the SLK.
    And people that think the BMW looks crap. Seriously look again those PHATT tyres, the quad exhaust, the big rims ETC ETC it is a dream as farr as looks go it looks like a shark bout to attack from the front i luv it and always will. But in reality who cares which car you got they will both pull the chicks and give you a thrill.
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    I love this car. I would probably love the tvr and the bimmer but this car is very cool and thats why I'm here posting this message.

    Oh yeah I was passed on the highway by one and there pretty fast too. Not the fastest but still non the less fast.<!-- Signature -->
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    I'll take the SLK-32AMG over the Z3M,the Z3 had an old chassis mated to an excellent engine and it affects the car's handling.The SLK is faster,better,more luxurious,comfortable and it's a coupe/cabrio in one.<IMG SRC=""><!-- Signature -->
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    ok, ive seen both on the same track, but unfortunly not racing against each other (the bimmer driver didnt wanted to race against the merc... he was afraid)

    i have to say, SLK 32 ///AMG its just amazing, and i will pick it. It has no manual, i know, but this mercŽs automatic is one of the best and takes the car almost to the limit.

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    the SLK is definitly better.
    comparing it to the TVR is dificult...the TVR is quite unreliable and for that price, i hope u have a 2nd car <IMG SRC=""><!-- Signature -->

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