sloppy high speed stability....

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  1. the bugatti has been delayed because of high speed stability problems
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    correct, its speed will be electronically limited to 218 or 220mph. (not sure) for that exact reason.
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    I never got why companies limited speeds, if dumb mother#$%#ers want to go that fast and total a 1.5 million dollar car let 'em
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    recently it was test driven and the driver said " was so stable at 250mph you could drive with one hand on the wheel"
  5. Hey Jay eb, post your source. Don't just say stuff. Road & Track in a fairly recent issue said, quoted straight from the Bugatti chief, that the Veyron was designed the wrong way around. It followed form over function and has suffered greatly to be the fastest top end speed car in the world. They are now going to delay it until 2007, and give it a bigger rear spoiler, which in turn WILL reduce the top speed to around 230 mph. R&T stated a Bugatti claim of 252 mph, but the spoiler is going to knock off 22 mph.
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    Bugatti reduced the top speed of the Veyron to 218 mph because on a top speed run performed by Bugatti themselves the 16/4 spun out uncontrollably almost killing the test driver in the process.

    jay eb,

    When and where was it recently test driven? Fact being since the 16/4 veyron is still a prototype bugatti would never let anyone but one of their own test drivers drive the car. Thus it hasnt happened. So your info on how -

    recently it was test driven and the driver said " was so stable at 250mph you could drive with one hand on the wheel"

    Is not only fake but it was pointless for you to post such a thing. As I said above the only top speed test run which the bugatti 16/4 veyron has been in was when BUGATTI themselves tested the car and it resulted in 218mph before it spun out.

    If you seem to think the 16/4 is a miracle and it should be honored as one by everyone please pay close attention to the following - The 16/4 veyron has not reached speeds above 218mph and it wont. The only thing it has going for it is that it has a W16 motor which in itself is a lame design. The 0-60 time of the Veyron doesn't exist because their ISN'T one. The 16/4 is nothing more than a overpriced piece of crap, it hasn't broken any records nor set any limits and it wont.
  7. I told people that this was no Mclaren F1 but no one listened.
  8. You're right, it blows the F1 into the weeds.

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