Slow Veyron!?!?

Discussion in '2002 Bugatti 16/4 Veyron Preproduction' started by 944S, Feb 25, 2004.

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    Thats actually been part of the plan for a while, they stated early on that they were thinking of limiting the cars speed, and if anyone wanted to go ffaster, they would send out engineers to remove the limiter and change the tyres and put the limiter back on afterwards.
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    That sucks! oh well
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    It means that it will still have its 252 mph topspeed.
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    I dont see why everyone sees this as being stupid, and i dont see why everyone is saying that the veyron is slow now.
    Its limited because its safe, and if there was no limiter, people could potentially go over 400kph and crash, and i dont think Bugatti would want anyone doing that because it makes them look irresponsible, its makes their cars look bad, and the government in most counrties wouldnt allow it.
    Most of those hi-po sedans are limited aswell. Why? Because tis safe! And sedans dont go very good at over 300kph. Same with this.
    If people give shit to this, then they should also go give shit to those sedans, like M5, E55 etc..
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    The way I see it is, if you going to be paying $1000000+ for a car that is suppose to go 254 mph It better do it when I want it to... besides what is the point of the vayron w/o its top speed? It doesn’t have anything to offer other that you get to tell people I paid a million dollars for a car that is no better that one a 10th of that price. As for 218mph no its not slow but it nothing that great either.
    Give me a Porsche, Ferrari or Pagani any day..........
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    ^^ agree fully
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    I agree this is a fast car, although there is a V8 and V12 faster. THe lamborghini vttt roadster gambella, and callaway corvette sledgehammer. I doubt many people who buy this car will use even a fraction of the massive amount of horsepower, but i think it could be even more powerful.

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    you still don't get it do you?

    Ok, say you do get your Ferrari, Pagani or Porsche. How often will you be going 218mph?? Obviously not alot. so why have them to go that fast? Because it's fun. 254mph is extremely fun, but it's even more dangerous. If you really want to go that fast, then get the limiter off it, but otherwise, 218mph is fast enough.

    Although, it would be alot easier if you could turn it off by a push of a button, just like traction controll.

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