slower than the coupe??

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  1. question would the convertible be slower than the coupe since it has a drop top?<!-- Signature -->
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    i'd think so

    i wanna know about reliability
    how are these things
    i'm thinking about buying one on my 19th bday but i don't want shit falling apart 7 years down the road and replacements end up being an arm and a leg

    anyone know how reliably they are?
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    They are quite reliable but its not fun to fix them. The spark plugs for instance have to be reached from under the car and sometimes require the engine to be jacked up. The tires are expensive too but most stuff doesnt have to be replaced often. Car lasts a long time.
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    Yes, in almost all cases convertible variants are slower than the coupes. This is due in part to the fact that to stiffen convertibles, which are flexier than coupes, more is added to the chassis and body etc. and the electronics and such for the convertible tops add weight, although the Corvette's top is manual. Also convertibles aren't as sleek and aerodynamic as the coupe. In most cases though the acceleration loss isn't very much.
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    took the words right out of my mouth
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    no automatic roof????
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    It would make more drag.

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