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    When you order it, you can pick the "size" of the seats?

    I'm asking because I was surfing around and stumbed on one for sale and it said "...Driver's seat size "L"..."

    (SLRs look freacking hot in black)
  2. when you buy the car they fit the seat to you. if your ass is wide enough to require a bigger seat they give you one.
  3. So, they make the seat for you? or do they have predetermined sizes? like "S", "M", "L", "XL"...
  4. i'll assume, because of the cost of the car, they custom make you a seat. if they're predetermined sizes I'll be greatly disapointed.
  5. That one for sale says in the description "...Driver's seat size "L"..."
  6. I'm assumeing that just means it has a larger seat than most (they should have put previously owned by american) but if it is a general calssification of size I'll have yet another reason to put down for dislikeing Mercedes Benz.
  7. That's it, I'm not buying an SLR...
  8. pfft, you can't even get hold of a Caterham.
  9. shadap, it WILL happen.
  10. Caterham more fun than SLR IMO.
  11. Yes, I've driven both and the Caterham "feels" faster and more fun.
  12. Where you drove SLR?
  13. All I know its worth more than all of Uruguay.
  14. lol, pandabeat drove an SLR, ye suuuuure you did, maybe on Gran Turismo 3.

    As far as I know, they dont custom fit the seat to you if you dont request it/need it.

    As most people have similar proportions, if they see you'll fit nicely in one of the predetermined sizes then they'll suggest mounting that on for you. Otherwise if you're particularly tall or proportioned differently they'll tailor mould it for sure.

    Also, if you are not the only person driving the car then the second driver might feel very uncomfortable in your seat, which can be a safety hazard if he's not seated correctly.

    So you can pick a size or have it custom made.

    Dont know if theres a price difference..

    Surely if you can afford an SLR (even if second hand) you can afford to go to Mercedes and say "I dont feel comfortable in the previous fat f*ck's seat"
  15. stfu we've all driven SLRs
  16. hyundais with slr badges dont count
  18. Forza
  19. 1.4 millions
  20. Bud, just stop posting. GTFO.
  21. how much is the 722 edition of the slr mclaren and how much is the roadster version?
  22. they have an optional bench seat for the american market
  24. they do custom fit the seat if you want them to, as a no cost option I think.

    A guy I know got custom fitted for a seat because canceling his purchase and buying an SL65 instead.

    What a tool.

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