Small sportscar for travelling around Europe

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by ging, Aug 28, 2010.

  1. Actually, there are a few old pimps who seem to drive them over here. They also add disgusting mods to them.

    The less fortunate pimps drive Firebirds lol.
  2. there are no decent low milage 2.8s for under 3k, they all have over 100k on them or are cat. c cars
  3. here there was a fat guy with a vette c4, now he has a firebird lol, everybody laugh at him and at the terrible noize the car makes.
  4. Another vote for a real MR2.
  5. still, you could get a 1.8 or a 1.9 it would be decent enough and you do have a year to save up.
  6. you'll not care that it's a sportscar after a while. do enough driving and you'll just want a comfortable car. especially if you end up sleeping in it.
  7. true on both accounts.

    neighbour of my parents restores old american cars. i dont think ive ever seen him with a corvette nor a firebird.
  8. i think these cars still have a reasonable degree of comfort, its not like they are elises or caterhams

    i think i will pack a tent and stay at campsites (though in some places i will book hotels as well)
  9. Triumph TR4
    Porsche 914
    Alfa Romeo Spider
    Chevelle 454SS
    Audi A8 W12 LWB
    Cadillac Eldorado Brougham
    Oldsmobile Achieva
    Pontiac G6
  10. lol what a stupid list of cars
  11. in that case, I vote for whichever option of those has the most interior space.
  12. shut you the first 3 cars are gold.
  13. It's not very reliable and older than the sun but only one of these cars can be parked in St. Tropez without being mistaked for a maids car....
  14. the alfa gtv then
  15. 1. a decent triumph tr4 will set you back about £25,000
    2. I have never even seen a porsche 914 on uk roads
    3. I would not like to break down in an alfa romeo spider on top of a mountain in Switzerland thanks
  16. Im not going to listen to your opinion cos I think you're an asshole
  17. 914 is win
  18. Its alright if its on top of a mountain, you can just roll down.
  19. what about a mg b?
  20. too expensive and break down too often. I think staying away from carburetors is a good idea.
  22. Mazda MX-5 even though its not the best looking.
  23. Obviously you do because I drive the cars you dream of. I'd rather be an asshole at 200 mph than being you.
  24. shit I need to start selling cars in the UK.
  25. i doubt you have ever driven at 200 mph

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