Small sportscar for travelling around Europe

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by ging, Aug 28, 2010.

  1. The Miata, obviously.
  2. they're actually very reliable vehicles if set up properly.
  3. " I drive the cars you dream of"
  4. Srs get a SW20 MR2 T-Top

    I just bought some roof racks for mine.
  5. tuning the carbs regularly has to be a pain in the arse though? Im not sure, ive never done it.
  6. this bad boy is up for sale around the corner from my house, looks pretty serious, what exactly is it? It has 137k miles on the clock though
  7. those carbs (infact all SU, Stromburg, and Webber) are retardedly easy to tune. you don't even have to do it that often. maybe once or twice a driving season.
  8. Gen. I Turbo.
    Wouldn't bother win it. Gen. III lights. And rice all over.

    If it's been looked after semi decently it should be fine with that milage.

    But most fun in the wet
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    seems pretty tidy, and wow that is low milage for a near 20 year old car! Interior has seen better days though

    tbh i wouldn't get an MR2 of that ilk cos I will be wanting a convertible and probably will need a luggage box at the same time, and the luggage box goes on the roof, right?
  10. How much luggage are you taking?
  11. Get the MR-S with luggage rack on the back.
    They are still bloody quick
  12. 944S2 or 968
  13. If the interior is shit, doesnt that usually indicated high mileage? If you do an engine swap, does mileage reset to zero?
  14. Always had a soft spot for the MGF, while they've always been inferior to the competition
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    no convertible versions available at that money

    the 944s either have over 200,000 miles on the clock or are cat D cars, which means they have been in a massive crash, saying that, this one looks v. tidy:

    the cheapest 968 starts at £5k, and that is a japanese import with 180,000 on the clock

    plus i imagine servicing will rape my bank account

    edit: AND insurance is £2000/yr
  16. No. Just becuase the engine is fresh, does not mean the gearbox/suspension/chassis is
  17. oh ok. I almost bought an MGB a few years ago, but spent the money travelling instead. I took it for a test drive, and the steering was incredibly heavy for such a light car. Guess id never driven a car without power steering before.
  18. Good thing there were plenty of muscles.
  19. How tall are you?
  20. not very (5'6)
  21. Ah, you should be fine then. I found the MX5 to be horribly cramped for my legs after all of 5 minutes, but I'm 6'1.
  22. Yes, you want a 3rd gen MR2.
    Luggage room will be tight if there's two of you, but it'll be doable if you pack well, and if it's just yourself you'll be fine. A luggage rack for the back of it could be a good idea anyway.

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