Small sportscar for travelling around Europe

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by ging, Aug 28, 2010.

  1. Do you have the 6speed manual?
  2. the only 6 speed was in the smt, which was a slow, heavy box and makes the car drive like arse
    5 speed proper manual or dont bother
  3. Ahh. Still they can't pull away from a Gen. I SW G-Limited
  4. This car is too ugly. It screams 'i cant afford a boxster, so i got a japanese rip off.'
  5. Have you driven both? I have. Easy pick. MR-S everytime
  6. what? "luggage room?" in a 3rd gen MR2?
  7. I couldn't afford a Tesla so I got a G-Wiz instead.
  8. if you're packing a tent you can rule out the MR2 (at least, the mk3). It's an absolutely fantastic car to drive but luggage space is at a premium. You've got enough for like, a smallish holdall behind the seats and that's it
  9. and this, my friend, is why everyone thinks you're an asshole.
  10. rear luggage racks for the mk3 MR2 aren't really advisable for long trips. they cover up the air vents on the engine cover and can cause the car to overheat unless you stop driving and let it cool down relatively frequently, which you may have to do if you're driving in hot weather.
  11. you must have very long legs. I'm the same height and find them pretty comfy for longish drives
  12. incorrect. proper markets got the 6 speed manual when the facelift came in, along with larger rear wheels and visual improvements for front and rear bumpers.

    the SMT is a pile of wank, but the manual is really nice.
  13. oh and the buying in autumn/winter argument does hold water, if only a little bit. it's harder to find a nice one being sold during the colder/wetter seasons, but there is a chance it may be cheaper than the same car sold in Spring/Summer.

    that being said you'll have more choice in spring/summer, so you have more of a chance to shop around for a good deal on a nice example.
  14. The luggage racks sit a good 100-150mm off the body. In no way will that cause the car to over heat. It's not like it's blocking airflow to the radiator
  15. What model are you talking? My knees were up around the steering wheel haha.
  16. i've heard otherwise, from owners who experienced the problem (used to be a toyota salesman). I'm assuming there is more than one type of luggage rack so I guess you just have to be careful which one you buy
  17. mk1 mx5. i fit perfectly in mk3 mr2s as well
  18. hmm, thanks for the advices vman

    looking like the mx-5 is the winner
  19. hmm, thanks for the advices vman

    looking like the mx-5 is the winner
  20. Perhaps the seat wasn't as far back as it could have been then haha.
  21. Yes, but you know f*ck all about anything. I would even take phano's dumb arse i know everything engineer opinion over yours. Comparing an MR2 to a boxster is stupid, they are not even in the same league.
  22. possibly.. although i do like to sit a bit more upright+maybe a notch closer than most people my height when it comes to driving something sporty. so that could be it
  23. exactly why they're not even comparable in most respects
    they don't even look that similar other than being small mid engined 2 seater convertibles
  24. i guess it depends on what kind of tent, ive taken mine tenting before, but i have an absolutely tiny tent. just sat it on the floor next to the passengers feet
  25. well yeah if you've got a one-man bivi you'll be fine. lol

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