Small sportscar for travelling around Europe

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  1. nah man sleeps two comfortably
    quality hiking tents are tiny these days. mines maybe 40-45cm long and maybe 4-5 inches in diameter when packed up
    mixing measurements is advanced
  2. definitely advanced. you must be an engineer
  3. At school on cadet camps, we had to use hootchies, which are literally once piece of tarpaulin, 7 foot long by 2 foot wide, strung up between two trees, and we just lay in our sleeping bags on a mat under neath it. I do want to get a swag though, those things are freaking awesome.
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    I've got something like this:

    Weighs nothing and you just throw it in the air and it stands. Folds up very small and it's pretty cheap too.
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    Yeah i got one of those, it was £15, and it is light and small, only problem was, it has no cover sheet, so in the morning, when the dew settles, all the side walls get wet, and if you touch them, you get soaked. My girlfriend got so pissed off with it, she went to sleep in the car.
  6. Never had that problem with mine to be honest.
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    I've always wanted a Vango Force 10 since using them in school. old-tech and heavy, so not really ideal for travelling but they're pretty epic tents. They're called the force 10 because they can supposedly stand up to a force 10 gale (if you pitch them properly, of course)
  8. ok, so im gonna get an mx-5.

    let's change the topic to tents now..

    Is now (end of summer) a good time of year to buy tents? I assume so as Millets currently has 70% off all tents. I guess a cheap 2 man pop-up tent would be the best idea no?
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  11. 2 man tent = 1 man with bags
  12. I'm actually planning to do a similar thing next year, although the plan for me and my mate is to go for oktoberfest via the 'ring, then home via stelvio
  13. With a car it's 2 men with bags in the car.
  14. ahh good point
  15. have you considered buying a car in Belgium, they are cheaper and it will be LHD...
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    Shows how much more hardcore they are in Australia. We are lying exposed on the ground, surrounded by venomous snakes and spiders, up by 5am for a 5km jog, then having to renaturalise the campsite by 8am in the freezing cold of winter. English school boys are cosseted up in their force 10 hurricane proof taj mahals, sipping on sherry and giving each other a nice rub and tug before beddy bies.
  17. not quite. in scouts we used a similar system to yours on a couple of occasions, although they were big enough for 3 people
  18. then he'd just have to shift it before going home. no point bringing a LHD MX5 to the UK. who would buy a LHD one when there are countless RHD ones constantly available for sale?
  19. cos its cheaper and better to drive in Europe. Im sure you could get a member to buy one for you and shift it after you leave.
  21. Also scouts haha. Weak.
  22. i was in RAF cadets too, but yeah, scouts when i was like, 9/10
  23. I would go for the MR2.
  24. RAF cadets haha superweak.
  25. meh. i only did it so i could shoot some guns and fly a plane, which i did 3 times. so awesome

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