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  1. so in a smart car you're guaranteed to die more than your are guaranteed to die in a civic?
  2. That's not a SMART.

    That's a brazilian-made VW Crossfox (with aftermarket "clear" tailights).
  3. Ohh, and they're a POS. SMARTs are much better.
  4. Brazilian cars, LOL

    smarts arent actually all that bad, my pops got one, not fast but it uses soo little fuel (diesel)
  5. See: "I thought." A lot different from "I believe," isn't it?
  6. Shit happens.
  7. ive driven a fox once. it was SO bad.
  8. that was my first thought, that wasn't a Smart rear
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    They have a very stiff cabin, they're actually pretty good. They bounce around a lot in a crash with a heavy vehicle but the safety is pretty damn good for the size. I'd rather crash in a Smart than in some of todays cheap midsized sedans on the market
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    I must have been thinking of this.
  11. I want one SO bad
  12. I smile every time I see one on the freeways here, but when I am in traffic and I see them sporting along I get envious... especially in LA...
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  14. ugly cars
  15. ive heard that the steering is quite shit
  16. my next door neighbour has a brabus smart (as well as a regular smart) and despite what the figures say, the brabus smart is fast as f*ck. He was driving next to me up a steep hill here, and left me for dead, the only car i have seen come close up that hill was an SL55.
  17. all those proves is that you can't drive.

    You were probably in 6th gear or something.
  18. Does it take a lot of effort to be this much of a dickhead?
  19. not when youre always wrong.
  20. You'd know about that. Sorry i forgot, engineers are never wrong.
  21. modded or u r gay
  22. still applicable
  23. when you push it it understeers quite a bit but if you know this you just slow down a little bit more before you get into the corner. its a blast to drive. its not even bad on the highway. I'm not going to have to do anything to it until my mother gets bored with it and wants more power or something else.
  24. huh?

    are you saying the smart brabus is faster than an SL55? I don't understand what you are trying to say here
  25. Allow me to translate - I speak idiot.

    Some dude with a Brabus Smart was driving next to him while he was going uphill, the Smart driver punched it and left Burner's POS for dead. The only other car Burner has seen perform a similarly quick ascent of said hill is an SL55.

    I'm guessing Burner hasn't seen too many cars charge up that hill because despite what he says, the Brabus Smart isn't that fast.

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