Smart Phones with good battery life?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Aych Es Vee, Aug 4, 2017.

  1. Looking at either a Lenovo P2 or Motorola Moto Z Play, for the missus. She always runs out of battery.
    Anyone have either?

    Might upgrade my OnePlus One, to a OnePlus 5....
  2. Tell her not to have 6 versions of candy crush and the other 3 dozen apps chicks like to play on.
  3. had an lg stylo 2. it lasted all day
  4. I hear good things about the Moto Z's battery.
  5. haha, she actually doesnt. We both have OnePlus Ones, and recently they have both been searching for networks all day, and run flat by lunch. I swear OnePlus has time bombed them....

    But she often forgets to throw her phone on the charger anyway. My phone is pretty much always on the charger if Im at home or in the car.
  6. they pretty much all can have a good battery life, depends on how to use it, notificaitons, background usage, if you play stupid ass games, etc.
  7. This is a surefire way to kill the battery sooner
  8. My phone will last about two days on a charge, typically. But that's because I have no friends and nobody wants to see my mug on that 'snapchat' those kids are into, so it's an email machine.
  9. How can a person like you have no friends?

    My phone can't even send emails, only SMS. The battery lasts like 10 days.
  10. Have you met me?
  11. I've heard people say that, but I call BS. I had an iPhone 4 for like 5 years and did that, and nothing wrong with the battery. And my wifes phone battery is worse than mine is, and she never charges.
  12. I have a nexus 6. Pretty much lasts all day, but it has a annoying habit of shutting down completely at 15% for no reason. It's weird and annoying.
  13. No but I'm looking forward to that. I may or may not have had a voice chat with you long ago but if that was the case, I was too wasted to remember it.
  14. smart people arent always good at people
  15. And you would know that because...
  16. Yes
  17. Will you be my friend?
  18. We should be friends on FB at least
  19. do u have Kik?
  20. Way too kawaii for me
  21. Well neither are dumb c*nts. People aren't always good with people regardless of their IQ.
  22. I thought only asians used kik
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  23. I hated my Motorola razor x or whether the he'll it was called.
    I love my Galaxy Note.
    I spent 40$ on amazon and got two extra "powerbear" batteries and a wall charger for the extra battery. It's worked out perfect. And I use my phone a lot for everything. Especially pron.
    I get 8-12 hours on one battery.
  24. yea
    but youre are truly blessed if you are smrt and good with people!

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