Smart Phones with good battery life?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Aych Es Vee, Aug 4, 2017.

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  3. My iPhonse 6S with new iOS dropped the battery life pretty hard
  4. Waiting to see the reviews for the new Pixel XL. Might splurge on that expensive shit because I'm a fanboy.
  5. I think i might too. I have project fi so my options are old pixel, new moto x4 or new pixel.
    Im leary of my 5x because Ive already had to replace one because of bootloop.
  6. I don't understand that reference.
  7. i have a galaxy s6. it's still a fine phone. the battery is meh though. normal use will put me around 20% after 8 or so hours. watch some videos or listen to music and i'll have to plug it in. we have cell phone cables everywhere at work and unrestricted wifi so i use buckets of wifi data which doesn't do much for battery life.
  8. thinking about going with the pixel 1 instead, saw a 100$ price drop for the 5" version. not interested in the bigger one, and not willing to pay the premium for the pixel 2

    its not in stock at the moment though
  9. I've got a 5" Pixel in "Really Blue". Best phone I've ever had.
  10. If your previous phones were Nokias and Blackberries, that makes total sense.
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  11. The two prior were HTCs (M7 and M8), then prior to that it was a couple of iPhones (4 and 4S), then prior to that it was a bunch of Samsungs (Sliders and flip phones). iPhone 4 was the first smart phone I got
  12. Not that I have anything against the Pixel(s), but it did get mixed reviews and lacked some features. I'm obsessed with the Google phones (every smartphone I ever had was a Nexus) because they're the best itiration of Android, but I'm afraid the hardware doesn't live up to its price.
  13. I had the htc one and it was the best looking and feeling phone ive ever had
  14. Yeah I agree on the price. I was annoyed that they'd decided to drop the Nexus line in favour of going "up market" (i.e. bumping the price), but the built quality of the phone does surpass the HTCs I had previously so I don't feel too short changed.

    The only things I miss about the HTCs are the dual front-facing speakers that actually managed to give you a bit of a stereo effect when watching videos in landscape mode (although I notice they've brought that back for the Pixel 2), and the IR blaster. I've kept my M8 just as a remote for my TV and AV Receiver. Works well.

    Regarding "missing features" I can't say I've been left wanting, although I'm not exactly a power user. I've just been impressed with the overall stability of the software compared to the HTCs. It's my first time having bare Android so the experience seems to me to be nicer compared to Sense UI, although Sense was pretty decent overall I'll admit. It just seems a bit more refined. I've had no crashes so far and fewer weird buggy moments like I had experienced in the past, so I'm happy.

    I will say, however, that the camera absolutely SMASHES the cameras that HTC put in the Ones. The UltraPixel thing seemed pretty gimmicky and the pictures weren't great. The camera is so good on the Pixel I use it way more. The double-tap on the power/lock button launches the camera in record time, so that combined with the vastly superior image quality encourages me to use it more.
  15. I thought that, until I got the new phone. My M7 and M8 had a couple of visible tolerance variations if you inspected them closely, albeit pretty minimal. The Pixel seems to be constructed absolutely perfectly in comparison.

    Doesn't justify the price bump, but I'm not paying any more on my contract so I'm kinda like, whatever now.

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