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  1. I personally like my automatic. Automatics, when prepped correctly, can outshift a manual any day of the week. A big part of why I havent lost a race in over 3 years is because of my automatic.
  2. Yes, most automatics are faster than manuals BECAUSE of the fact that power is ALWAYS moving through the transmission...However, you loose roughly 20% of your engine power running through an automatic because there are so many parts to move.

    In drag racing, if you've got a guy in a '70 Camaro Z/28 with a Turbo 400 versus a guy in a '70 Camaro Z/28 with a 4-speed manual, chances are the guy with the automatic will beat him...Most people, and I am generalizing here, cannot operate a clutch and the throttle fast enough to outgun an auto...THERE ARE SOME WHO CAN!

    The purpose of an automated manual is to be able to have the pros of both the automatic and manual transmissions...Ferrari did their homework, and have made some of the best in the world, Audi coming in second for the DSG transmission, etc....Shifting around 3 milliseconds is amazing, and something that should be in more performance cars as an OPTION...I myself would always want to do the work manually.
  3. that would be CRAZY. A Z4 with a 500hp V10!? Ok sounds good to me!
  4. I hope people realise that an SMG is very similar to a manual gearbox, the main difference is the shifter, which is an electronically controlled barrel instead of levers (controlled by the stick). maybe all of you should find a detailed book on the workings of transmissions.

    an auto trans uses a completely different setup to manual gearboxes, and uses planetary gears instead of all the gears being in line being connected to the collar only when selected. the SMG (Sequential Manual Gearbox) has the same setup, except the postition of the collars (as to whether they are connected or not) is controlled by a barrel that is grooved and rotates. WHen the barrel rotates 10 degrees approx.(usually very quickly) is moves rods in and out of position like moving the gear stick does, only more precise and quicker.

    AS for the idiots that want a monster Z4, maybe you haven't driven one, or you aren't in the main demographic of BMW buyers, and in their opinion, you should buy an M5. Also, you may like to note the engine bay dimensions and the dimensions of a BMW V8 or a V10 (if you are inclined that way).

    Ferrari offers the sequential box in the F430 because its way better than a manual box, i would have one in my Ferrari if i had the money, although i like the arm position (right hand on the wheel, left resting next to the stick) but would like just having to deal with only up and down instead of all the directions.

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