Smoked by HONDA/Acura NSX in Lemans...

Discussion in '1987 Ferrari F40' started by Larry Shinoda, Oct 25, 2003.

  1. I was suprised when I saw that in a LeMans Register...
    Incredible. lots of people saying that F40 is a marvel in mechanics/performance but it never won a Lemans race and its BEST place was 5th in GT2 class -1995 BEHIND:

    1st. Honda NSX
    2nd. Callaway Corvette
    3rd. Nissan Skyline
    4th. Callaway Corvette
    5th. Ferrari F40 GTE LM

    Some people, sometimes, have too much to say and too few to show...So I'm posting a little of truth about this car. I know some people may want to blame me. Nice words about this Ferrari are better than showing the real world about it.
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    Sorry you must have mistaken this for the racing F-40. This is the street version.
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    When this car came out... IN THE MID EIGHTES... it was a marvel of technology and beauty. And 20 years later is still looked upon and drooled over by men everywhere. Not to mention that it's one of the only Ferrari's that still sells used for damn near what it sold new. And why? Because anyone who has driven one, wouldn't settle for a NSX.
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    who cars about the le mans race a long time ago. its better then any nsx or honda ever made. noone cares about those stupid articles.

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    Smoked by HONDA/Acura NSX in Lemans...

    F40 = P3WN3Dd!!!!11!!!!!!!1
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    Sorry but it's not important if in a race F40 is not the most performant car.It's not important to look at the results of some races,because in races (1)we have to know how much moneys Ferrari,Honda,etc...have invested in those races(for upgraduations,tyres,pilots,mechanics,sponsor,etc...);(2)we have to know if the pilots of the F40 were better or worse than the others.
    We have to remember that in F1 when Agnelli family has decided to invest more moneys and has engaged a pilot like Shumacher,Ferrari has won like never.
    Than,if we make a comparison between a common highway Ferrari F40 and a Honda NSX,it's normal that the Honda is smoked by F40 in all fields;roads or tracks,bends or straights(power,weight and stability suggest a very big superiority of F40).
  7. lemans f40 and this are different
  8. You really have no point, its racing not street cars. If you want to compare race cars why not compare the Ferrari F1s to the Hondas.
  9. Thank you so much. Its nice to see someone has a brain. And yes, the F40 is still one of the best cars EVER made. EVER.
  10. Driver error, road conditions, and sheer dumb luck contribute to race results aside from the superiority of the vehicle; because a full blown racing NSX beat an F40 on the track does not mean your cousin's Honda is better.

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