Smokey & The Bandit

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    Smokey & The Bandit used to be one of my favorite films years ago. The sequal was ok, but the first film still rocks!

    Sheriff Buford T. Justice: "What we have here is a total lack of respect for the law!"

    Buford to Junior: "There is absolutely no way that you could have come from my loins."

    Smokey trilogy

    Bandit car I

    Bandit car II, son of Trigger

    East Bound & Down!
  2. I loved that first Movie, And I WANT THAT TRANS-AM!!!
  3. I liked thoses movies.

  4. More Buford wisdom:

    "She insulted my town, she insulyed my son...nuthin' but but pure and simple, plain old fashion communism!"

    "Happens everytime one of them dancers starts poontangin' around with them showfolk #%$s!!"

    Bandit to big and little Enos Burdette "What do we have here? A 68 fat and a size 12 dwarf"

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