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    Sorry Bro we tried that one before<!-- Signature -->
  2. to u transamman!

    transam drivers root their cars! - fact
    transam is a desireable car! - simply an illusion
    japanese know the definition of a joy ride - true
    cos they like to have a lot of space in their cars,thus an engine size that suits this need...which all means that you can tug along more ladies!! OH YEH! OH YEH! SHAKE THAT BOOTY HUNNY! while these guys are having fun....i bet transam don't know wot their missin out on!
    but for this has pursuited to excel in a supercar fit for the legal all other cars that really were not marketed to racing teams. these honda's have class, and were targeted at a particular type of consumer.....and you my friend, transamman, ain't this consumer!

    oh yeh...u must have an arab cock up ur ass or sumfin! u better fix ur problem buddy!

    PEaCe!! ~Striving for a better world~<!-- Signature -->
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    89Formula350, you do realize that you are an idiot, right? i'd hope so because you said, "but all these dumb shit riceboys think of it as a god car. a supra would rape an NSX..." you do realize that the supra is made by toyota, don't you? maybe if you realize that, then you also realize that toyota is a japanese company and therefore, a "riceboy." next time, try thinking before you say something.
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    Well I sure like it and I have always been raised with the idea that "there aint no substitute for cubic inches" but times have changed and when it comes to having a technological advantage on the competition the Japanese have always been on top. I think this new NSX will take a lot of american cars (standard factory ones offcourse)the old NSX proved that already so I don't now what u are talking about transamman! It looks good and the power WILL be there when it comes out, I'm sure of that.
    O and by the way don't wait for Honda to put a V8 in there cause its never gonna happen.
  5. 89Formula, go back to bed with transamman

    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from 89Formula350</i>
    <b>oh yeah buzzbomb, the NSX is such a fuel efficient car. man, shut the hell up. the NSX is a god damn joke. but all these dumb shit riceboys think of it as a god car. a supra would rape an NSX, and a Corvette would kill it on the track. NSUX blow ass like all Honda cars. for 90 grand, I'd take a porsche carrera 4, viper ACR, lotus esprit V8, or TWO Z06s over that piece of honda crap any day. the NSX is crap, get over it. it's a wannabe ferrari made by HONDA for crying out loud.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    bucknutz has a very valid point 89#%$350. you are as stupid as transamman. what does the 89 stand for? your IQ? i will NOT "shut the hell up" because i (and every other one of my friends here) are right. thus, you are wrong. now, go look in the mirror, and say "i am a stupid illusioned woman". oh yeah, all honda cars "blow ass". thats why they sell so many. the world loves crap. oh wait, nevermind. rednecks like YOU love crap. go away to another forum and let us talk about the NSX becuase we all like it and would love to have one. id love to see a pontiac hang "the corkscrew" at Laguna Seca.

    i just love how in that other thread that i started you didnt even bother arguing the points that i made. of course, you couldnt have. you just whined about stats and numbers, all of which are probably too confusing for you to understand
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    What is the deal with TransAm owners? Now, I don't mind the F-Body platform. I have a 1980 Z28 that I'm painstakingly restoring, as well as a 67 RS Drag Car that's been done for some time. Fortunately, I have good taste when it comes to automobiles. I can comprehend the concept of a "nice car to drive". The problem with these retards, is they don't understand the concept of balance. My Camaros aren't balanced, at all. I like it that way :) If I wanted a balanced car, I would go buy a nice BMW, or a Porsche, or *GASP* an NSX. It's unfortunate that people don't understand that certain cars excel at certain things, and certain cars excel at ALL of them. Wow, I wonder what the name of this site implies... Supercars? Sorry, but if you post in this forum, and your name has anything to do with Trans Ams, better check over your post. You're bound to have said something stupid. This car is built for all around fun. transamhomo and 89pieceofgarbagestillstuckinthe80strash, why don't you drive down to the local High School and do some hole shots for the little girls. Pathetic.
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from transamman</i>
    <b>YOU ARE A MORON. IT HAS 290 horsepower, that would not do SHIT, my trans am would rape it in the ass and all it would see is my tail lights</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Nope this car would kill yours and eat it for dinner it dun matter about power its about weight thats why a go-kart can do 80mph with a 5bhp engine!!!!!! and this is alot lighter so shad up!<!-- Signature -->
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    he'll be back, just like the terminator. ugh
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    the ONLY beautiful beast ever produced by jap.
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    They oughta terminate him...<!-- Signature -->
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    Yeah but they wont anytime soon, I know it's hard but we should just ignore him and his comments about his Matchbox car, proof that it doesn't exist is that it started out as a TT after I was saying how it would blow apart in the first like month or two and said that a Super Charger would be more belivable magically it changed to a Super Charged TA, we know hes full of shit but he wont shut up!<!-- Signature -->
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    With a crackhead like him at the wheel it'd be blown before it got out of the garage...<!-- Signature -->
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    this NSX is definitely a nice break from the same model Honda has been producing since '91. Subtle changes make the car look like a new model, I can't wait till next year when they put an 8 in it (hopefully).....if not the 8 then twin turbos on the V6 should do the trick in generating the 400 hp this thing needs.
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    aweful car.
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    Not shooting for the upper class????
    DUDE IT'S A SPORTS CAR...the only people you'll see driving one of these is rich 60 year old guys...and lucky young japanese...
    Those headlights and the new grille really change the looks like the s2000...
    I don't know how anybody can say aweful car though...this is the's low small and fast and to top it off...affordable...everybody tries to copy it and you end up with s7's that are huge and fat and cost too much...
    this car is soooo under-rated
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    This car is sweeeeeet!! It's to die for!!
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    I don't think Honda will put an 8 or turbo on this baby.
    I have a very high chance of keepin a NA V6.
    It could still bring horses up and over 400 easily with it's V6.<!-- Signature -->
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    Go to and find it out.
    NSX jgtc have over 470hp with an NA V6<!-- Signature -->
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    the car is awesome but you cant really talk about the power figures of the race version in this instance, as they dont apply to the road going one.

    as for styling some minor aesthetic changes do make this nsx look absolutely amazing.
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    It's a great looking car. I've always liked the NSX.<!-- Signature -->
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    Yea, it is a really good looking car, i still think they should re do the tail but i really like hte 2 tone,
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    this car is smokin. the two tone paint is nice too. with the base set up of the nsx, acura can give the 360 modeno a run for its money, but they'll have their work cut out for them.
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