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    YOU ARE A MORON. IT HAS 290 horsepower, that would not do SHIT, my trans am would rape it in the ass and all it would see is my tail lights
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    I've always liked the NSX and this is a step in the right direction for the next generation, which is long overdue. I was wanting something a little more extreme from both body and engine, but if I remember correctly, they are planing for giving it a face lift then a couple years later reworking the rest of the car, with a possible V8 and 400HP. I just hope they live up to those rumors. It is a great looking car with better handling and acceleration then the previous car.
  3. this is a mean car looking feisty i reckon a 3.8-5.5 0-60 time, the engine is gonna like this weight decrease. I love that wing. <!-- Signature -->
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    ye this thing is pretty awesome, weight reduction must be quite significant - i would like to see how much it is now with all this carbon. except it needs a little more power like the 400 horses that were suuposed to be on the next nsx.
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    Transamman, u need to shut up. Don't be mad at Japanese cars because u have to fill ur car of gas every 2 days. If you like ur car more good. But don't post ur dumb messages on the Japanese car pages just to compare them to ur trans am.
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    Trans AM aren't that great you know. They're all heavy and stuff just like it's predecessors...And what, it has a V8 o what? What's the power outpout? What only 325HP? Be aware that the new NSX will V8 Turbo powerplant with, how much? Oh yeah, ""400HP""!!!

    Well, if you're a trans AM lover, I'll see you in the gas station when I'll need you...<!-- Signature -->
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    this and the skyline are supposed to have a and who the hell was saying this is an affordable car? since when is $80k affordable?
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    transamqueer, you need to seriously shut the hell up...i am a big fan of american power, too...for my money, the viper is about as good as it gets...but if you're comparing a trans am to an nsx, first of all, yes, in the quarter mile, you'd take the nsx, but wait until you get on a road track against'd be good to go until you hit the first hairpin turn and then when the nsx brakes in probably around half the time that your precious trans am does, it will have passed you...then you would most likely continue to spin out around the turn as the nsx glides smoothly around the turn because it weighs nothing and is nice and low to the would then continue to do the same for the rest of the track as it proceeds to rape you at will.

    and on another you think that maybe there is a reason why the trans am is only going to be in production for another year or so? just something to think about...
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    Transamman, i would agree. dont be upset just because you have to spend more on gas than i do on my fiancee. its okay...dont cry...come here and ill let you touch my 1.8L. yeah, thats it. i get over 28 to the gallon, and could leave your nostrils covered in powdery, hot rubber. i thought you were a nicer person in the thread entitled "HORRIBLE CAR", but i now know i should have been more cruel to you. thats okay. just read my new thread, and then go cry yourself to sleep in your disillusionment. yep, i want a Z28 or Trans Am, because they wont be here in a couple of years. The ones that are still on the road will be breaking down because they will have more than 80k miles on them. my dads 93 civic has 246k and has had NO problems. timing belt changed, oil changed, tires changed. oh well. he'll see you at the exxon, buying your high octane gas, hoping it will make a difference against me.

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    $80,000 is affordable when you toss it into the arena with the s7 and mclaren...
    I think the two tone paint is made to blend the carbon fibre stuff better...
    And I can't immagine a Trans am even touching an NSX...HP doesn't matter when you have a big heavy pony car...
    The NSX is a sports car...not a drag the rednecks that don't get'd be like bringing a corvette to the drag strip...sure it could probably keep up...but it'd be nothing's not what it's meant for
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    oh yeah buzzbomb, the NSX is such a fuel efficient car. man, shut the hell up. the NSX is a god damn joke. but all these dumb shit riceboys think of it as a god car. a supra would rape an NSX, and a Corvette would kill it on the track. NSUX blow ass like all Honda cars. for 90 grand, I'd take a porsche carrera 4, viper ACR, lotus esprit V8, or TWO Z06s over that piece of honda crap any day. the NSX is crap, get over it. it's a wannabe ferrari made by HONDA for crying out loud.
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    no shit
    hey transamman...i have the only gt-90 on the was handbuilt by jesus...for the is upholstered in the shrouad of turin and the golden has 4g on the skid pad...i have the hope diamond for a hood ornament...i raced batman last week and smoked joke...i get 50 mpg too...nightrider gave my car car will smoke you...
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    as sacreligious as that is, it IS the funniest damn thing i have ever heard. <IMG SRC=""> LOL
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    yo, TA man, are u saying ferrari sucks, u know wut, NSX has been called the Japanese ferrari since its debut. ANd rumurs say that the 2004 nsx will have 3 engine choices, one is the same as this one, which is a 3.2L that makes 290hp, this engine is for both the US and JApan. And 2 other engines, one makes 400hp, and the other makes 490, both are naturally aspiriated and they are both 3.6L V8. That's wut I've heard.
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    Spare tire, you're one funny guy. Just by the name alone I know that ur one serious Joker. I must say that was the funniest s#it i have every read on this website.<!-- Signature -->
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    This is a class car so don't dis it, it probably has top performance... Possiably the best car Honda have ever produced.<!-- Signature -->
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    I raced Micheal jackson off the lights In my jet powered pimp mobile which was built by none other than God himself and I smoked Micheal, the interior is Blue gold and it has 20 wheels and has a 50 inch wide screen in it. it goes 500MPH and does 0-60 in .1 of a sec! <!-- Signature -->
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    It also has 30inch wheels. Theres also a bar in it...<!-- Signature -->
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    Hey TransAm man! Go to this site and read up on this NSX and tell me if your car could beat it!

    Not likely!

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