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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Veyronman, Apr 28, 2016.

  1. great, thanks!
  2. Having a dev on hand and actively logged in is worlds apart from the old way. It feels weird.
  3. Just tested deleting an old spam post and they look like they're gone properly now instead of masked invisible as they were on v3. Nice progress. Liking all the hotlink options to video/image files so far. I thought the new was a bit of a running gag, but apparently it's real. It's good to be wrong.
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  4. [​IMG]
  5. it feels like I should be glad that didn't work
  6. Trololo.gif

    Uploading pics from a phone doesn't work apparently
  7. I seem to have lost my premium membership??? Please fix.
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  8. On a serious note. I'm great with wordpress. I build websites for a living. If admin needs help, i'm available.
  9. I just realised I'm going to have to start collecting memes again.

    Apologies in advance.
  10. don't think that exists anymore
  11. you funny
  12. Is hotlinking a thing now?


    Edit: nice
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  13. Where are my 6 gold stars??
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  14. Would it be possible to change "likes" to karma?

    Bring back karma!
  15. Still need my mod privilege
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  16. We made a vote and you were STRONGLY denied. :p
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  17. Truthfully man I think you should be a mod, no question.
  18. Second the colour scheme is too bright and not enough contrast
    Is it possible to chnge the number of posts / page?
  19. Good call on posts/page. I always used 30.
  20. Also, this is probably just a #4kproblems, but it doesnt scale to the available width, so 2/3 of the screen is just blank space.
    And a personal preference thing: signle collum forum list instead of 2, so that the forum name, stats, latest post ect reads naturally across the page instead of top to bottom, two page facing so to speak. I could do a ghetto paint if people don't get it.

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  21. Looks like your prayers were answered!
  22. You have to earn them all over again
  23. Ah man, seriously?:(
  24. My old (new?) Vanilla Ice account became inaccessible a while ago. Is this something I can get back now that an admin exists?
  25. Other than the color deal, tbh the only thing I can think of is as shitty as the old site was, I liked to be able to zoom out and read multiple posts (like 4-6) without scrolling. I bought my sweet ass phone with a sweet ass screen for a reason. Maybe the one thing I hate most about Mobile optimized layouts.

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