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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Veyronman, Apr 28, 2016.

  1. Should I disable it for the time being to avoid any conflict when its enabled?
  2. is anyone else noticing that mods usernames are off center of the cell?
  3. I thought that was me because I view web pages at 150% (using my PC on a 32" TV from like, 8ft away. Not ideal.)


    EDIT: on second look, it looks okay? I'm not sure :confused:
  4. Weird, it looks good now. perhaps they noticed and fixed it lol
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  5. Mkay.

    Can I just make a new account that doesn't contain N-words?

    Is one allowed to have multiple accounts? I'd like to have one hippo account, one pokemon account and a Chinese bus driver account.

    And shit I can makce
    colourful poasts

    Sssssooo stoked about new featu
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  6. This is like but better and no weird mushroom guy
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  7. I've been digging around in some old threads looking for any other users whose accounts have been given random names.

    The username "NB" has changed to "adhweorniatweege3532323".
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  8. I don't see why that would be a problem.

    I don't think anyone can stop you, but I'm not sure the new system would let you make lots of accounts with the same email address.
  9. Yea like I don't have multiple emails
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  10. Very good point! Tbh I quite like the Chinese bus driver.
  11. This is the best one yet.
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  12. When posting from mobile, I can choose Upload a File and it's smart enough to let me go to camera, but most modern phones take photos over 2mb in size (mine are 4-5 usually). If we can't get more than 2mb, maybe some auto-resize featu to shrink anything larger down to 2mb?
  13. Also I may have missed it but how do fix this?
    messi most important featu.PNG
  14. Supercar Messi

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  15. hover over your avatar in the top right --> personal details -->Custom Title
  16. This is not available for me. This might be something that only certain privileged member classes can do.
  17. Added
  18. Unless I'm blind I'm not seeing it either. It used to be a premium thing I think though which I missed out on
  19. Thinking about it, it was when you reached 10000 posts. If that limit is still the case then you're still a way off.
  20. Indies, here I come
  21. being used to the old version there don't seem to be obvious issues with this one

    royal blue layout would be a nice option though
  22. I've noticed that the "start a conversation" option has reappeared when you click a user name. Thank you :)
  23. Thought I had a shot at being a mod, realized I haven't been to any of the other forums in years.
  24. I don't have it either.

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