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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Veyronman, Apr 28, 2016.

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  2. What the **** is going on
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  3. Had my first skin care pop-up today since the changeover.
  4. You have some catching up to do.
  5. RJ! Good to see you're still around :)
  6. The birthdays were incorrect in v3 (always a month early because 0-11 instead of 1-12 error in db I think). So I'm from March instead of February. Day and Year are correct. Anyone else having a similar issue still? This just to make sure I'm not the only one. Clearly I intend to share as much of my private life as possible on this internet I trust every user of.

    edit: I'm srsly from March, scnet says I'm from February. Just realized my phrase could be read in two ways.
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  7. Same for me. I'm not actually 26 yet, not until May 24
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  9. Ah, thanks for clearing that up
  10. Nope, mine is fine. Except for the date I joined this site is wrong, well, for alot of members too.
  11. 1970 was a great year for joining forums :)
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  12. I've been getting this when using Firefox on my Android this evening (past few hours). This is the first time since the new forum it looks like this.
    I'm now using chrome to post this message and that still works.

    Edit: also cant uploqd attachments, type posts or use the breadcrumbs with firefox now.

  13. I'm using FF right now and it seems OK, but I am using a PC. Chrome on my phone seems fine, too
  14. So firefox on my phone seems to work fine again this morning. No idea if it was the sites fault or my phones. The site couldnt load properly during several hours last night. I think I tried it at least 10 times.

    Also, some of the adds are really harsh :| . Just clicked one by mistake and got bombed with popups and permission messages
  15. @basman007 we improving ours search system for blog and forum thats why we run some indexing system, in that time maybe you faced small issue on site loading.

    About FF issue on mobile, I will check this today, if forum loading same as your attachment for all then its a major issue.
  16. Just got FF for my phone. Seems to work fine for me. HTC M9, Android 6.0.
  17. Of course! So we could see a beauty like this. :)
    1972 Opel GT -1.JPG
  18. Let's hope it was a one time thing... I'll report back here if it happens agian.
  19. Still waiting for some logos and stuff. Don't want that XenForo logo on my bookmarks.
  20. @Big Rob I saw you said you might design a logo. How about it?
  21. This is pretty much the old logo but with transparency so it looks good floating over the top banner photo.

    Maybe we could hold some sort of vote or contest for a new logo.

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  22. I think that looks good. With a slightly darker overall tone to the site. It's far too bright right now
  23. Any updates admin?
  24. Where did my Avatar go? Also why is I not mod no more?
  25. Not everyone's avatar survived. Now's your chance to pick another!

    Mod status will be open for a reshuffle soon-ish. I need to discuss it with Admin

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