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  1. If you want a movie about diamond theives and bare knuckle boxing, watch this. It's excellent, with awesome characters, and pigs.
  2. "it's not english, it's not's pikey..."
  3. #$%# yeah man, best accent ever.
  4. yeah i have seen that movie. it was pretty good
  5. Gyppos annoy me
  6. It kicks some serious ass.
  8. "I #$%#ing hate Pikeys" -just about every character in the movie.
  9. "Do you like daggs?"
  10. What's your guys' favorite character? For me it's a tie between Brick Top and Bullet Tooth Tony.
  11. franky 4 fingers shouldnt have died.
  12. Definitely Bullet Tooth Tony for me, a shame that he got killed.
  13. Tyrone! duh
  14. pretty good movie indeed.
  15. Tyrone and his buddy get #$%#ing owned by Bullet Tooth Tony. Best line of the movie "The fact that you've got "Replica" written down the side of your gun. And the fact that I've got "Desert Eagle point five O" written on the side of mine, should precipitate your balls into shrinking, along with your presence. Now #$%# off."
  16. Gypsies suck
  17. Brad Pitt is the man
  18. I think I'm the only giu who thinks Brad Pitt is funny/good actor.
  19. ahem..?
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  20. I don't understand british acknowledgement.
  21. brad pitt has been a good actory sense he stopped making all those chick flicks. oh and somewhere when him and tom cruise mad that one vampire movie, i thought that was good...

    anyway i own snatch, told my mom i had it and she looked at me like "WHAT?!?"

    another word for pussy is snatch.
  22. lol, i was gonna mention that...but i didn't
  23. Interview with the vampire?

    both excellent movies

  24. is that the movie when brad pitt does the 1 punch knockouts?
  25. Boris is the best, just because Rade Serbedzija is so awesomely hardcore Russian.

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