SNES Klassic

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  1. Why so many teenagers are available 8h30 AM to line up for SNES Klassic

    "ha ha we'll sell it for 500$!!"

    God damn kids, should be in school or poppin their zits
  2. Are they really selling for that much? Darn, haven't gotten a good scalping opportunity since Fallout Pip-boy edition. Made $1,000 profit.
  3. the NES Classic did and so will this one

    while eating, I installed RetroPi on my Rapsberri Pi and I have all the console for free. So... better.
  4. Supposedly they're making more of these than they did the NES classic.

    I got lucky and pre-ordered one from best buy, which came in the mail today.
  5. I pre-ordered one. Got one on friday. It's cool.

    The controller cable is way too short though. One thing i don't like about it.
  6. The idea is nice and all, and i would have every one of these classic systems if they had internal storage and would let me add more games. I couldn't give a butt about half the games on them.
  7. The NES classic got hacked and you can put all the games you want on it. I'm sure this will happen with the SNES as well.
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    they're just roms
    they don't even come with the manuals
    you get e manuals
    e manuals
    Rahm Emanuel
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  9. I've still have the original NES and SNES hooked up to my television.
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  10. Just ordered a NES classic of amazon for 70$ CAD. Can't wait to get it. Will be getting a SNES classic as well when the hype dies down.
  11. Jealous
  12. Url?
  13. im tempted to get an snes classic someday when i can just walk in and get one
    kinda want to see if i can beat all the games that I never could when i was just a babby
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  14. i tried contra and super ghouls and ghosts. never played them as a kid. holy fucking shit, can't even get passed the first bit. so hard.
  15. dude contra rocks
    the boss is a pair of balls
  16. :):)

    I still play on the SNES the Legend of Zelda, a link to the past
    and the NES, Rad Racer.
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  17. It's down now that I bought it. There was only one available at that pricr. But I will post a photo when I get it!
  18. Aaaaand it was ebay not amazon.
  19. BS!
  20. You'll see. You'll all see.

    It better not be one of those god damn emulators................
  21. show me the invoice, it niot possible

    there were Prime members only deal for SNES Classic this week, but limited quantities at 99$
    maybe thats what you got but for NES CLassic in this case you are one lucky sob
  22. guys, you can just download free emulators on your phone and computer
  23. Playing Secret of Mana and Yoshi's Island now. They are cool.
  24. There's something to be said about using a "proper" console for console games, however. Genuine pads and such.

    Also, not having to download shit from dodgy russian websites is a plus.

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