Discussion in '2008 Bentley Brooklands' started by deepangel_22, Mar 7, 2007.

  1. So, its another gas-guzzling brick that costs $400k? Am I supposed to be impressed?

    (btw, im not)
  2. That's your problem then. It's a very nice-looking car that isn't supposed to appeal to people who like cars like Hamann Ferraris and the like. It's much classier and nicer-looking than the Continental GT. I really like it.
  3. Agreed.

    Though on a car like this, I'd rather have 4 doors.
  4. boring but i respect it
  5. i understand the direction they're going with this car...but it just seems like an odd styling throwback to me (looks like they just went back 5 or 6 years)
  6. Than you've never seen one in person.
  7. The style is oh-so dated, they need to give it a much needed makeover.
  8. "Its a quiet, spacious, sensory deprivation tank for rich old people." JC

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