So a few weeks ago i saw this car

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  1. I was out a few weeks ago, and saw this car, called a Zaragi (pic posted), outside of an B&N. It is really unusual, and I have never heard of it. On top of that, I went to the website, to find out, there U.S. offices are located on Fullerton, in chicago, a few blocks away from me. So, anyone know anything about this?
  2. BTW, pic is taken with my Camera Phone, so I apologize for the sub-par quality.
  3. I'd hit it.
  4. And you took only 1 pic?
  5. Looks pretty cool to me... hmm
  6. That's a damn nice car!
  7. That thing is fugly.
  9. shut up. this thing is elegant.
  10. yes. it makes 248956297 hp and 24058240986529452 rpm. it accelerates so fast, you cant drive it without going back in time. the exhaust note is so high pitched, heads explose. the driver is from the future and everything he pees on also turns to gold. consequently, he loves giving golden showers. he has 6 solid gold b!tches, and 8 rings of powers. his power level is 245824986529592475629475 zillion 10x9, and by looking at you, it causes auto-erotic asphyxiation.
  11. I somehow doubt that.
  12. totally unnecessary, I think.
  13. No it' bufugly.
  14. I only had time to snap a few, ill upload them in a min.
  15. yeah its an Isuzawa Zoragy. Isuzawa is a SErbian design center sort ofl ike Italdesign made a Nazca for BMW. Only this is a Zoragy roadster, 1 of 3 built for YUGO!
    No Im not kidding either. this is a concept Yugo.
  16. Awesome!
  17. Very strange design
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    I correct myself, upon checking this site
    I have discovered that Zoragy went into production and the car pictured is actually a brand new coupe! I am quite excited to find htis out because I only had a fewp ics of the roadster htinking it would only ever be a prototype!
    This is awesome.
  19. OMG go back take more pics if it isn't there ask which way it went and spend your life looking for it to get some more shots.
  20. I do find the back to be reeeeeeallly ugly though.
  21. hmmmmm checked the gallery on the link ou gave, looks a bit like a boat from the back lol
  22. Post a pic. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  23. For a Yugo it's the coolest car ever.

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