So about that Minecraft

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    People are doing crazy awesome stuff with it.

    I also read somewhere that it has zombies come out at night now? And that they're incredibly strong and that you have to mine ores to craft armor to protect yourself?
  2. Helloooo future girlfriend
  3. Yeah I've seen some pretty mad shit
  4. That guy sounds about exactly what I would assume someone who would build this sounds like.
  5. loooooooooooool
  6. Pfft, I played minecraft back when it was cool
  9. ?
  12. Pfft, I never played minecraft because it wasn't cool
  15. that game was like crack.
  16. I played it and I donated it to make it what it is today. suck maahh diiiiiick
  17. man your character was so hip. so fresh.
  18. i miss minecraft, when we were all addicted to hell. There was one time I stayed up pretty much all night
  19. oh man what a caker
  20. yeah, especially the time when we made the playboy/hemi hotel.
  21. bunny ranch!
  22. step your cakertroll game up, son
  23. oh #$%# yeah, the bunnyranch. shit was hilarious.
  24. omgggggg. bunny ranch

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