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  1. this crirgin needs it apparently. found myself on a pilgrimage on day 3 or 4 of no sleep. didnt intend to do it, kinda swept me up from behind. started hallucinating thinking shit was all meant for me. got a little freaked out man.

    mental breakdowns, good times.
  2. makes your dick go into AMG mode

  3. man just relax aye
  4. everyone I know who was on anxiety pills found that after they left their stressful relationship with an overdemanding wife, girlfriend, or fiancee, found that they no longer needed their medications.

    Also, re-evaluate your diet if necessary. Make sure you're not binging on salts and stimulants, which unless you cook everything yourself, is hard to do.
  5. pot is the best anti-anxiety medicine there is

    pills wreck your brain, and I would know
  6. pills are made with ingredients from the earth too, man.
  7. pretty sure there's nothing on this planet that can make me feel as bad as I did when I STOPPED taking anti-depressants

    they formulate them to keep you hooked
  8. im on benzos. supposedly super addictive.
  9. harden the #$%# up
  10. dats what im doing yo. cant harden up in samsara.
  11. Which benzos?
  12. S class benzo riding on lorenzos
  13. only nissans are sitting on lorenzos
  14. we're gettin' good grip from the 50 series tires
    the Alpine's bumpin' but I need the volume higher
  15. lorazepam

    i dunno if they're on the weaker or the stronger end. i don't really know anything about benzos other than what i googled last night.
  16. I have some trazodone if you need, pm me.

    Hope you get better, lots of sports helps for sleeping (Master of Obvious)
  17. lorazepam is pretty heavy stuff

    what happened?
  18. depends, 5mg is light!

  19. ugh read the first post
  20. Went on a pilgrimage is a pretty good description. I started the day off trying to take back a book that I thought was possessed. At this point I couldn't remember the last time I ate or slept. The book store in the mall was closed so I tossed that book in the garbage can near the book store. That book was called "I Ching" if anybody wants to know. Don't ask me why I decided to buy it, but you can find it in the New Age section. It's basically full of like high-level tai chi shit or something but I was reading it like wtf is this and why is the first spell called "dragon flying low do not use".

    I went home, kept trying to lie in bed but couldn't fall asleep. At this point I was illiterate. I remember looking at the clock, looking away and looking back and the time had changed backwards. Then I was walking in and out of my house, talking to myself and playing with a yo-yo, feeling like if I stayed I'd never be able to leave and if I left I'd never be able to come back. I considered going all kinds of places but I settled on my doctor's office because I knew that I couldn't think rationally at all at this point. I went there but it was closed. Asked a bunch of people to use a phone or lend me a quarter because I was ready to call my family for help. Nobody helped, so I walked home. When I was walking home I walked by a LGBT Pride parade thing, I thought the dude on the megaphone was narrating my thoughts.

    Managed to get home, later that night had a breakdown in front of my fam, said I needed to go to the hospital asap. By that point I was expecting to be committed and locked up in a psych ward or something but I didn't care. The people in the emergency room had no idea what to do so I was sent home with lorazepam. Now it's about a week later with 7 full nights of sleep and honestly I feel great.

    Shit was pretty scary though.
  21. you know what makes me feel good, excercise and eating correctly.
  22. Yeah, your brain doesn't like to work without proper sleep, but what can you do when you can't sleep? It's not something you have much control over.
  23. damn son, glad you'Re doing better. When you gonna stop the med?

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