So did P996Turbo actually rape that other guy?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by TURD BURGLAR, Apr 30, 2006.

  1. sorry to bring back old topics, but i remember a thread where smellens said he got raped. and then everyone said that p996t did it.
    what acutally happened? i need my overdue dose of drama

  2. 996 911 turbo never said it was P996T, everyone just assumed it. it was pretty obvious though.
  3. I haven't seem p996t in awhile. Maybe he is in hiding.
  4. man he raped him good i tells ya
  5. p996t is too scrawny to rape even a small child
  6. but you let him rape you
  7. No man, p996t drugged him with some laced weed, and then raped his bum.
  8. salad fingers disagrees
  9. This is too funny.
  10. well its not really rape if its consensual is it?
  11. well, you are like 13 aren't you?
  12. he posted in the shopping cart thread
  13. Silveradoman likes it anally, from Jesus.
  14. im 11
  15. when its me and jesus, i do the pounding
  16. I'm 12!
  17. the other guy made it up
  18. P996t rapes retarted sheep.
  19. Inquiring nerds want to know.
  20. huh?
  21. As in we wanna know because if he did raped him that would be huge.
  22. yes!
  23. this thread made me lol
  25. yes


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