So dutchies

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  1. Chilling in a £500k flat in Padstow, Cornwall with a load of mates and beer. Not far from prince william & harrys holiday home. Decent
  2. Really not in the mood for tomorrow. Alternator of my bro's Tigra broke. There's still some power in the battery, not sure if we're gonna make it to Huizen where he found a cheap alternator. Replacing's easy, just a couple of bolts, but #$%#, I can see myself pushing that fem-corsa the last few km already, ugh.

    edit: he INSISTS to take his Tigra there so he's sure the other alt works so we won't have to go back again. shit priorities.
  3. shouldve bought a puma/gtv

    edit: mx-3

    edit: 100nx bwahahah, best part is, of the above list, the nissan was actually considered.
  4. 1.8 v6 mx3 ftw
  5. living outside teh city?
  6. srsly
  7. I think I'm just gonna dig the old Polo out of the snow (1.1L WITH towbar #$%# yeah) and be a support car to drag him if it goes wrong. I really don't feel like pushing. Will call him about that tomoz.
  8. Just got home drunk, #$%#, I've never experienced weather this cold. It's -13°c now but I'm pretty sure it felt a lot colder on my bicycle.

    PS: the gear-thingy going into the rear axle of my 3-gear bicycle broke on the way there which means I only had the 3rd gear left. This also means I had to return in the freezing cold in 3rd gear, never again...
  9. -10c right now, didnt put my winter coat on because its too hot, only my hoodie
  10. Suckers
  11. there's ice on the inside of the window in my room
  12. i can't get my window to open. ice is blocking it.
  13. i don't really care for the temperature. as long as there is not a lot of snow or it's real slippery, i'll just cycle through it. i do remember like 2 years ago or so when i went to work in the morning, it was -17c and there was like a 8bft wind, which means it felt like -30c or so. that was terrible. it felt like someone was stabbing me with a knife in my face.
  14. Spent 2,5 hours in traffic yesterday ughlol. 45 mins of which i was stuck in between a bunch of those big ice clearing trucks.... they didnt go faster than 25 kmh... when i gpt to lelycity it was foggy as hell and the road was one icy mess.
    It was interesting to drive in my 'new' jazz with summertires, it loves to slide. very different from the polo on wintertires i was used to. not that the polo didnt slide, but it was alot more controlable, especially at highrr speess.

    Oh and it was -20 here o_O
  15. two days ago it was 4 degrees C in my room, I win
  16. You live in a box?
  17. Small village with 2 nice lakes nearby + a lot of forest + farmland
  18. = better than the city
  19. ive always been more of a city man myself.
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  21. why is it for sale
  22. I'm currently looking at buying a house in the city, not in the very centre though, but close to it.
  23. Alphonse!

  24. lol come on u softies

    i am out there in snow storm and -25C or whatever.

    its quite fun tbh

    i draw the line at ice rain tho, but only because I have not fitted studded tyres to my wheels (yet).

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