so everyone who does like this car understands

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  1. Re: the best car aside from the viper that dodge ever made...

    Nice try from Dodge, it sucks that they didn't continue this idea into today's Dodges.
  2. Re: one of the most badass cars i have ever rode in!

    I think he meant that there were only 92 (in quantity) red spirit R/T's made in 92'
  3. Re: Dodge did better in 91' with an inline-4 than 02' civic!!!

    it isn't huh? well how about the j-spec Type-R (which has pretty much the same power as this) which does 0-60 in 5.6.

    Anyway, I meant on a windy road.
  4. Re: one of the most badass cars i have ever rode in!

    Yeah They're rare. I was lucky enough to have a choice to buy a red one or a white one about a year ago. I went with a red one and I drove it to the track right after. It ran a 15.3 at 95.67 mph. 2.8 second 60 ft time. Got to love dry rotted tires. This year I should be in the 14's because of new tires. Also I'm going to up the boost and remove the 1 7/8 inch factory exhaust.

  5. Re: the best car aside from the viper that dodge ever made...

    All I have to say is Neon Srt-4
  6. Re: bad ass car!

    Monte Carlos are slow stock, I could probably take one out in my volvo let alone my spirit rt.

  7. Re: This car is a JOKE!

    It is not a joke maybe a little ugly but it can keep up with a Nissan Z yall got problems it is actually a good car but it is only ugly. Imagine it with a supra body on it
  8. Re: the best car aside from the viper that dodge ever made...

    Yeah they did take some design elements from the Spirit R/T to be put in the SRT-4.
  9. Re: one of the most badass cars i have ever rode in!

    this car is creepy my grandma used 2 have a 96 one when it came out and heres the r/t! i dont think it culd go this fast
  10. Re: The Ultimate Sleeper Car

    A car like this is a very good sleeper, no one would expect a Dodge Spirit would kick your cars ass.
  11. Re: The Ultimate Sleeper Car

    Holy shit, i wouldve never expectec to see a car this shiyty to boast such a great hp/L ratio.
  12. Re: Dodge's Problem during the 90's

    Also in the 90s dodge changed thier whole line, and made their cars cheap and unrilable and took the good cars like this out o production and replaced them with new cars and redisigned the old cars. Today basiclly all their cars can be sporty and fast but they have poor me i have a purple 98 dodge caravan and i live in the repair shop.
  13. Re: This car is a JOKE!

    Did it ever occour to you that this is a 91
  14. Re: one of the most badass cars i have ever rode in!

    you guys are lucky, I have yet to ride in one. I've only seen one of these Once, it was a nice black one, it was sitting in a Chrysler's Used Car Lot. It looked really wicked, needless to say, I wanted it, hehe.
  15. Re: This car is a JOKE!

    this guy is a complete and utter moron
  16. Re: one of the most badass cars i have ever rode in!

    This would be the best car if only it didn't look like chickencrap.
  17. Re: This car is a JOKE!

    I'm totally with you. Dodge makes some good cars but why would they make an RT Spirit? Its not ugly but c'mon! My grandpa has a Spirit and he's 84 years old. Its rediculus, it's like "Might as well build a Geo Metro with a SuperCharger in it."
  18. Don't start me about this car...

    I mean come on LOOK AT IT!!!!!! LOOK AT IT!!!!!!!!!!! Then when you're done staring at this piece of crap LOOK AT THE STATS!!!!!!!!!!! LOOK AT THE STATS!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Re: Dodge did better in 91' with an inline-4 than 02' civic!!!

    Ive heard these things can get in the 12's on a 1/4 mile.. damn. I never really knew america tried to make fast 4 bangers back then, well i found this out probably a year or so ago. This qualifies as the *ONLY* 4 cylinder car id buy, because its RARE, FAST, and it would be WAY worth it to see the look on the kids face (driving a civic w/ tail lights and a potatoe shooter) after i beat him... HAH
  20. Re: Dodge's Problem during the 90's

    Ill totally agree with you guys, dodge really started doing poorly from the late 80's to the mid 90's... their turbos, transmissoins, and shocks were all pretty shitty on most cars, that includes chrysler and plymouth as well. However after about 97 or so i belive they started shaping up, and now their cars are beautiful, ive heard very good things. But, eh... may as well stick with a classic Charger or something, dont have to worry about the cars plastic peices + engine + body wearing out and falling apart. Long live steel, chrome, and great american craftsmanship.
  21. Civic Eater - For only about 5 G's!

    Yes indeed, SCREW japan.. Wish i could find me one of these little babys, beats the hell outta a stupid dumbass civic, adding a bunch of crap to it. Thats what i love, factory performance, and this sure does give it to ya. 230 HP!!
  22. Re: Dodge did better in 91' with an inline-4 than 02' civic!!!

    I'm not very bright? You should talk you dumb schmuck. BTW - I didn't check back here until now (approx. 3 mos. later), your response was not very important to me, so quit it you idiot, you're more obsessed with this than I am.

    1st) Jap spec cars have harsher emission laws, however the required emissions produced are DIFFERENT emissions, therefore, even though j-spec cars produce fewer emissions, they still don't meet North American standards, and they'd have to change their entire engine design, and exhaust system to meet the standards and produce the same power.

    2nd) no, it's Not bad for a car that produces the same power from a turbocharged engine that's 213cc larger, as an NA engine that's 213cc smaller, however it's NOT better.

    3) The Civic Type-R is lighter, has much better weight distribution (I mean, the weight distribution is going to be WORSE, due to more weight, than that of the basic Dodge spirit), and a much stiffer suspension (judging by how much weaker the suspension of a 2000 Neon was than that of my 1990 Civic Si, the suspension of the Spirit R/T is going to be considerably weaker than that of the '02 CTR)

    All in all, Dodge did NOT do better in 1991 than Honda did in 2002.

    And then of course, there's the S2000, which has a smaller displacement engine, is NA, and produces considerably more power, and is considerably faster.

    Hmmm....The Spirit R/T is alright, but it's not so great as a "sport compact" as you fools seem to believe.

    BTW - one of my fellow Fire crew members challenged me to a flat out, straight line acceleration race in his base model Spirit (which he had ryced out with performance intake and exhaust) and I blew him away in first gear, and only pulled on him after that....and in first gear my civic normally loses distance because it tops out quickly and I have to shift too soon to achieve much speed before I have to shift, and that was with me "granny shifting".
  23. Re: Civic Eater - For only about 5 G's!

    Ok, so you're saying this eats a Civic Type-R which is faster, has the same power output, and handles better? I don't think so.
  24. Re: Don't start me about this car...

    Yes, it's crap....though it's still kind of quick in acceleration, it's just ugly, unimpressive, and handles poorly.
  25. Re: Civic Eater - For only about 5 G's!

    Well i didnt specify WHICH civic... of course the type R is an exception. Of course its still got the same HP... this dodge is old though, im sure the civic has got way better handling and a hell of a lot lighter/aerodynamic. Id take this over it though, just because the fact that its so RARE, and the look on kids' faces when i whiz by them, since it looks like ur everyday spirit, old man car. lol

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