so everyone who does like this car understands

Discussion in '1963 Ford Galaxie 500 Boxtop' started by z28infront, Aug 9, 2002.

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    It is the same deal as the stratus r/t. They are very fast to drive, this one doesn't look very good but name a sedan that was worth bragging about 13 years ago
  2. Re: one of the most badass cars i have ever rode in!

    where do you live (statewise) i'm interested in your offer
  3. Re: This car is a JOKE!

    those vans are bad ass sleepers!
  4. Re: Don't start me about this car...

    i bought one for 900 bucks see yall on the streets
  5. Re: the best car aside from the viper that dodge ever made...

    i would have to say the dodge stealth was good just look at the top speed. there as fast as a vette much faster than the supra or rx7 without mods. and best of all its got 4wd meaning you can handle at high speeds!.
  6. Re: Dodge did better in 91' with an inline-4 than 02' civic!!!

    Either way Password, your still comparing the best of the Civic from 2002 against an n/a car made by Dodge 14 years ago. Anyways from what ive been reading on specs, it says the 2002 Civic Type R does 0-60 in 6.6 seconds, nowhere close to the R/T.

    I dont know why you take so much time defending Honda so much, they are not the best car manufacturer in the world.
  7. Re: Don't start me about this car...

    Yes of course password, out of the very few in existence as of today, you know exactly how this car works right?

    Unimpressive!? Thanks buddy you have just shown us all that your just mad cause its made impressive numbers for its time that even your little civics cant make as of today.

    Handles poorly? Next time you go find one and drive it and THEN tell us how it handles.
  8. Don't start me about this car...

    It is a 91 you know and that is a bad pic, in 91 you wouldnt have said shit.
  9. the best car aside from the viper that dodge ever made...

    Dodge have many great cars, aside from the Spirit R/T and Stealth (which are both Mitsubishi designs to start with anyway). Check out the Charger, Charger Daytona, Coronet and Super Bee.
  10. Don't start me about this car...

    no its a garett.
  11. bad ass car!

    I had one untill it was stolen. it was very nice decent solid car
  12. bad ass car!
  13. bad ass car!
  14. bad ass car!
  15. Don't start me about this car...

  16. Don't start me about this car...

  17. Whoa, faster than the SRT-4!!!!

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  18. This car is a JOKE!

    I own the Plymouth equivalent, an Acclaim and I think it would be very cool to have something as unsuspecting as this to show up some ass hole in a civic who thinks it's fast.
  19. ok have all u guys come out of hospital open up man this car SUX~!!!!!
  20. This car is a JOKE!

    Yes because in 1991 all care were ZOOM ZOOM fast. stfu
  21. This car is a JOKE!

    Yeah. this car was cool back in the early 90s. But then again, so was Vanilla Ice.
  22. The intelligence in this thread is winrar

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