So, here's where I live.

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  1. australian homes are slightly better, but by no means good.
    watching the way houses are built on Grand Designs is simply fascinating, and like Henrik said, convinces me to build my own house at some point in my life.
  2. sxc crib m8.
  3. no shoes in the house, should mean that you dont have to sand it down but maybe every 10-15 years.
  4. wow. is that a stream right next to the house? very dope
  5. Yeah, but it's the run off for the city water, so I dont think it's clean at all.
  6. how many people living in the house?
  7. just me on the second floor. The couple sleep in the bed room on the first. The wife's sister lives in the floor under. It's really not considered "basement" because the whole house is above ground. I think hers has really nice glass doors all the way around. No they are not young or hot. In fact, I try to avoid looking at her. Can be really bad depending on whether she puts on make up or not. So yes, I sacrificed possible secks opportunity with young hot landlords for a warping house on stilts. The dogs aren't even nice/smart!
  8. Go fishing out of your window.
  9. Pretty cool that you got the 2nd floor to yourself.
  10. Ya exactly. Poured concrete beams are where its at. And then you brick inbetween them. ftw.
  11. god i want my own apartment. living with other people sucks.
  12. 23
  13. concrete blocks and render. 90% of new houses in australia are built like this. strong, quick and easy

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