So hes still alive

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  1. i hope microsoft gives him a boot for christmas
  2. So what's the story of Chris Draper?
  3. Turn 10 studios Facebook comments are like YouTube comments bad.
  4. He got a shout out on Speed TV a year or so back when he rendered his version of the C7 Corvette.

    Came a long way from this rendering:
  5. draper designs pfffthahaha
  6. Every McLaren F1 owner also needs a PT Cruiser in their collection.
  7. +veel for geenstijl and dumpert in quick-browse-tabs
  8. + kanker for safari & apple
  9. Forza needs Virginia International Raceway.
  10. So you can stop the car at the edge of the track at turn 10, look towards the Southwest and say "ey look Amber, you can see our trailer from there! The one up there on them cinder blocks!"
  11. hehe
  12. This killed me
  13. Man, I'm out of it. I have no idea what's going on in this thread.
  14. Chris draper is still a virgin
  16. Little Chris Draper was surprised as all hell when he found out his birthday present was the same boot I used to kick his pasty white ass with.
  17. Yeah, that much I gathered, but all the talk about cars and rendering is way above my head....
  18. Oh, I get it!!!

    Only virgins would know or care about this stuff!

    Haha, awesome.
  19. haha

    im high

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