so i found the worst song of all time

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  1. Id rather hit my nuts witha rubber mallet
  2. yeah its a pretty bad song

    but im pretty sure its aimed towards the 5-10 year old age bracket

    so like, who cares

    (it is funny to make fun of though)
  3. id rather listen to it than read 20krpms posts
  4. oh #$%#off
  5. Same #$%#ing content
  6. 20krpm reminds me of the "just wanna play video games" guy. everytime i see him post i think of that little kid.
  7. Oi have you heard that one song about hot potatoes lol hot!
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    Benni, "the girl in pink" answers all your questions!

    #%[email protected] doesn't even know she's being made fun of.
  9. Quote from;

    'Worst song ever' gets 29m views after going viral
    By Dan Whitworth
    Newsbeat technology reporter

    A song by a 13-year-old American teenager has gone viral on the internet after being widely described as the worst one ever recorded.

    Rebecca Black's pop song called Friday has been viewed on YouTube more than 29 million times.

    It has trended on Twitter and been the subject of huge online comment and discussion.

    That's mainly because it's been derided by millions of people for what they say are its awful lyrics.

    Ones like "yesterday was Thursday Thursday, today it is Friday Friday", "gotta get down to the bus stop, gotta get my bus, i see my friends" and "we we we so excited, we so excited".

    People have been quick to criticise the song for more than just its words.

    The teenager's heavily auto tuned singing and video have also been labelled as terrible.
    Future stars

    The song was produced by Los Angeles-based Ark Music Factory which describes itself as an independent record label.

    On its website it says its main objective is to discover future number one artists and produce the next outstanding star.

    Rebecca's profile page on the site describes her as "a fun loving, 13-year-old".

    "She loves to sing, dance and act, and she is always looking to try something new," it says.

    "She landed the lead role in her school musical, Oklahoma!"

    There are many parents willing to pay whatever it takes to make their children become the next Justin Bieber.

    The now internationally-recognised number one star was discovered on YouTube and later signed by Usher.

    In this case though, despite the criticism, Rebecca Black may have the last laugh.

    Tweeting on 15 March she said: "My song Friday is now available on iTunes !!! Thank you all for your support. xoxo
  10. Over/under on checking into rehab?
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    no, that's an awesome song.
  13. "There are many parents willing to pay whatever it takes to make their children become the next Justin Bieber."

    Pretty much explains the whole thing. That girl is probably already rich and her parents paid the whole thing so she could have her own music video. Considering that all of the Ark music performers are under 18, its all spoiled rich kids.

    So congrats America, a rich spoiled child is getting even richer.
  14. Are you sure she's getting paid for this? Her parents paid $2000 to a company to make a cookiecutter pop music video, so does the company own all the rights to the song or does she get anything?
  15. Thank you, it just proves once and for all, just HOW far America has fallen in the past 3 decades!!!
  16. Our memory's just selective; all decades produced heaps of crap and gems.
  17. No her family owns the rights to the song. Hence they paid money to make the video, not the other way around.
  18. "2,341,741 dislikes" :D
  19. Well, I guess in retrospect that's completely true than, thanks for clearing that up.
  20. Sorry, I almost forgot to ask you...IYO, what would be the best music from 60s-70s era Rock & Hard Rock, to 80s "hair" Medal bands, to 90s Rock & Hard Rock???
  21. When i read a post by an american, thats the voice i imagine.
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    anybody posted death metal friday yet?

    its much better
  23. Yes, sadly it comes from my exasperated exhaustive sack, though.<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  24. Agreed. But It is still on a downward slope.

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