so i got home after work the other night...

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  1. ... and there was a ford territory parked next to the house. dad managed to buy one without telling the kids.
  2. Cool, sorta. Why a territory?
  3. i dunno, he got sick of the escape?

    his back is pretty wasted, so he can't have a low car, ie xr8/6. he can manage to get into my impreza every now and again but if he had to do that every day his back would be back in the state it was 6 years ago
  4. He should've gotten a lift kit fitted to a Typhoon <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

    I guess that is a fair enough reason for Territorying.
  5. sexy he shuold get xr6t parts and take it into aps
  6. Something tells me 11 second quarters wouldn't be very comfortable for a guy with a bad back.
  7. they have multiple options
  8. I got a lift in a BA the other day for the first time.

    Needless to say a huge thrill was had by me in the back seat.

    Not many people get pumped up by riding in a Ford Falcon.

    But i do.
  9. Was it just an XT? You're a deprived young chap.
  10. Yep...

    I've been in some alright Holdens, just that Fords are thin on the ground amongst my friends/family.
  11. Get new friends/family. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> !
  12. XT vs new Maxima. Your thoughts?
  13. Well...The new Maxima here starts off about 10 grand more expensive, and it obviously shows in the little thing between the two cars (hubcaps... etc).

    Both have pretty nice lay-outs for the dash and interior in general, the Maxima feels better, which is indicative of the price but it also pulls the Falcon back the further you go up the price range. I like the layout of the Maxima better it's very modern and original, while the falcon looks like the Commodore inside and vice versa which isn't that bad, but hardly original.

    The I6 in the Falcon is a nicer engine and puts out more power and torque then the VQ in the Maxima, although in the Falcon i never really got feel how fast it goes (when ever i'm in a Maxima my mate is always revving it's guts out). The Maxima goes like the clappers and feels a whole lot faster then say a VY Commodore S. Just going off spec sheets though the Falcon is more appealing in that respect.

    I dunno really, if i had either car i'd be pretty chuffed with the both of them, the Maxima’s interior and overall quality is higher then that of the Falcon. Driving across city in the Falcon the rear right part suspension was squeaking over small bumps in the road which is pretty crap for a few month old car. But apart from that it rode very well soaking up bumps easily and generally making it a nice trip in the back. But then again i love the dynamics of the Falcon, but i also love the interior, quality fit and finish of the Maxima and performance of the Maxima (though it cuts the engine right off early when going around corners at a fair clip, which is annoying, because the car can more than handle it).

    For 39k you can get a Futura with a whole heap more options then the bread and butter XT, which makes it stack up much better to the Maxima. It's a close contest though, Maxima is nicer then the XT but a Futura mixes it up a bit. Leaning more towards the Maxima...

    Whoa! typed way to much <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

  14. I'm going to forward that reply onto Motor and get you a job as a motoring journo.

    I'm really surprised that the Maxima's $10k more than the XT. It really shows you how much of a tax is put on imported cars. Here and base Maxima and the XT are neck and neck when it comes to price.
  15. Well you know being a motoring journo = dream job for me.

    And yeah that surprises me too, i guess that's what the Government does to keep the money circulating through Australia and not out overseas. Apparently they are lowering the taxes on cars coming in to Australia sometime soon, which is a good thing because it forces cars like the Falcon, Commodore, Magna and Camry to be better cars to compete against the dirty immigrants, and makes cars like the Audi A3 and Volvo S40 become cheaper so they are no longer so outrageously expensive.
  16. So you whacked off in the back seat of a Falcon?

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