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Discussion in 'Modified / Tuned Cars' started by Zprotuner, Dec 3, 2004.

  1. I've always wanted to do this. I'm going hunting for a early 90's Nissan Sentra SE-R. I'm totally stripping the interior and going to make it as light as possible, swap it out with a SR20DET and mod the internals too the fullest to prepare it for a T60 turbo. My goal is to keep it under 1 ton even if that means replacing body panels with CF, and try to get it pushing around 350-400hp on all boost and no NOS. If I can do this then I just might have the worlds fastest all boost street sentra out there. I'm probably not going to spend more then around 7k including the price of the car which I can get for about 500$.
    But my main question is since I want to acheive these goals RWD will make it much eaiser. Will a 240SX rear fit on the tiny car? What about a 180SX?
  2. I don't know about the rear conversion, but I do want to know where you can an SE-R for $500.
  3. Just look in your local autotrader. You can pick one up with about 150k, engine problems which wont really matter, bad paint, ect...
  4. Those things are hard to come by here, although there is one for just under 3k, but it's 75 miles away. If I found one for $500 I'd snatch it up quick.
  5. Good luck keeping your budget if you're going to use Carbon fiber body panels.
  6. I was just about to say that.
  7. Yea.
  8. i know the're tiny cars but a whole front end for a classic mini in Carbon Fibre is ~£300...
  9. Damn... I was hoping they wouldnt be to expensive. O well I'll just have to use every method of weight loss possible before I get to CF.
  10. This whole project sounds like BS. And don't you own a Z? Why would you want to trade it for this awful car?
  11. im doubting your project a bit too. you could do what you listed but you will go way over $7k. anyway i hope you get to do it.
  12. If 7 thousand is all you have, Then you can't do it.
  13. Haha, give me $7k o I can mod my 944.
  14. Its going to be tought to keep it under a ton, an impossible to sta within your budget if you need an engine, rear-wheel drive conversion, turbo kit.....20K should be enough for everything.
  15. With that budget you're not going anwhere.
  16. No I'm never trading the Z in espically for a sentra I'm keeping the Z but it is too expensive to mod right now so I'm going to do this. I could get more then 7k but it would take longer and the only labor I wont be doing myself is the engine swap because I dont have a crane. I think 7k was to low but I could get most of it done for 10k. I could get a really good deal for a used 20g turbo and intercooler off a friend that owns a 7M thats upgrading massivly in the next year. I could probably get the intercooler and turbo used for around 500 all together since he got it for about 350 for the turbo and 350 for the intercooler again used from his friend. The hardest part will be fitting the 240SX rear in the sentra and if that doesnt fit then I dont know what I'll have to look for.
  17. Id say about 3000 for the rwd conversion alone, and 4000 for an SR20DET.
  18. 3000 for the RWD conversion?!?!?! Your crazy. If I get a RWD rear end from the junk yard and do the work myself its only going to cost 1k at the absolute most.
  19. lol...make a vid when your car ends up driving sideways down the road.
  20. No I'm not buying a damaged rear end.
  21. No way. An Sr20 modded up will cost you $4000 right there at least in parts since yu have to buy one. Plus, even a carbon fiber hood is like at least $500 for most cars let alone body panels. Plus a rearend and a new transmissions etc to get it RWD? You think you could safely do all the work yourself too? No chance itll be close to $7k.
  22. Well most likely I'm getting the car, how much it costs will just delay the process. How much do you think a S2000 tranny will cost?
  23. This project won't happen without a lot of custom work. You'll have to modify your interior, work with sheet metal, swap transmissions, fabricate every mount, shoehorn an SR20DET in going THE WRONG WAY, throw on your power adders, custom fab a bellhousing adapter for the S2k tranny, customize the suspension, and then replace your body panels with FG or CF. That's going to cost more than $7000, and it won't be some weekend project.

    If you have a cap of $7000, get the SE-R, drop a bluebird SR20DET in, modify the powerplant, work out the suspension and you'll have a nice, powerful FWD car. I just think the RWD deal is a bit beyond you...
  24. Ya, this would be like epic-level custom work here. Also how much would and SR20det cost when modded up to this power level if you have to buy it? North of $4000 im sure.
  25. you're gonna die son

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