So I might be in a legal battle with HP

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by whoa, Apr 19, 2006.

  1. So I might bein a legal battle with HP

    The story goes as follows:

    I purchased an iPod that HP refurbished from an internet store. It came with a 90 day warranty and the iPod was working fine and then all of a sudden decided it wouldn't turn on anymore. So i phone HP canada service and they tell me some shit and then tell me that I will need to talk to American HP service because the iPod is an American model or something and was from the states judging by me serial number. So i phone them and they tell me the exact opposite that I need to indeed phone Canada and talk with them. So they conference call me to the Candian one and explain the situation there. So I'm talking to them and all is going well. She begins setting up an order for me to ship it to them and all but then comes back and tells me she is unable to do so, because the iPod is for America only and because I have it Canada the warranty cannot do anything for me. So I'm all like, no way you've gotta be kidding. I tell them that they have given me a warranty and need to honour it. She tells me to go to the stores and get a refund. I tell her that my goal is not to get a refund but I want it fixed. They say their policies do not permit this for some reason and that this is all a giant mix up. Appernetly this has never come up before so now this "case" is under review and within 48 hours she will phone me. They're scared to take any action because this is the first time this happened and this might be a precedent setting case. It's pretty wild.

    Cliffs: HP trying to screw me out of a warranty. My case is uniqoue and might become precedent setting case/legal battle to ensue.

    I'll keep you guys informed as to what happens.

    Edit: Oh ya I was also on the phone from about 3:15pm to close to 6pm. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/amazed.gif"></A>
  2. So I might bein a legal battle with HP

    Oh this is TimmyMcOwnsYou, thank the incompetant moderating team for banning me and causing only confusion. Banning old members = retarded.
  3. Once V4beta comes everyone will be unbanned again.
  4. Stop whining about being banned, you stupid vagina.
  5. There won't be a legal battle over a couple hundred dollars.
  6. I'm whining because its only causing confusion you #$%#ing idiot.
  7. I know I told them this will cost them like 50 bucks to fix BUT the problem is this case will set prescident since its unique so it could end up costing them a lot more. They're being cautious over what they're going to do. So if they do fix mine they might have to do it for 100 more people.
  8. when is this supposed to be happening?
  10. Ya, this account is gay I know.
  11. Whoats up with buying an Ipod in the first place? Like whoat came over you?
  12. I like them?
  13. Actually Mr. Whoa, I find the account rather humorous.
  14. who knows, if it's anything like V3beta it will have more problems and less features.
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  16. Why did Timmy get McBanned?
  17. I posted a link to a shock site. The moosquad posted the link 3 times and nothing happened to him. He didn't even get warned. It's just the fact that Dan let a bunch of morons run this site so they banned me and now its just causing confusion since I obivously haven't left and the banning did nothing but make me use some stupid account such as this one.
  18. its an iPod, taking it to court is retarded/going to cost you more.
  19. i made that point in a thread somewhere
  20. I'm not actually taking it to court that was more of a joke/attention grabber. But its pretty intresting that they're taking this so seriously/running an investigation to see what they're gonna do.
  21. It's potentially alot more for HP, if you take into account the next 50 people who have the same problem.
  22. Just make your sig say this is Timmy and everyone will know. THen you can shut up about it already.
  23. Why won't you let the store replace it?

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