So I played around with a Galaxy S5 today

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  1. What a piece of crap. The build quality is horrendous, it is rimmed with cheap arse chromed plastic, some of which did not even line up, where two parts met. It looked like the kind of rubbish you get on cheap toy matchbox car ripoffs, from the two dollar store. The back was made of plastic, and it was pretty nasty too. The camera was not uniformed with the case, so it stuck out like a lump on the back. The specs look awesome, it has great battery life and the camera was great in terms of specs also. The operating system was terrible and confusing. It had a home screen with apps, but also an apps button? What is the point in that? It also had a galaxy sport smart watch, which was completely useless. It received text message, told you the time and told you that you had a phone call. Considering the phone was so big, the watch should be able to answer phone calls via a built in mic and speaker. It didn't even have a heart rate monitor, you have to use the one on the back of the phone, which is completely none sensical. The phone was really fast when playing around in the menus, so the hardware is great, but the implementation and software is rubbish.

    I also used a Nexus 5, which was better built and the OS was more streamlined, (although still confusing and shit). Although it was better built, it was still really plasticy, but it was half the price, so I think it is a better deal for a basic smart phone. It was noticeably slower than the S5.

    I used a HTC M8, better build quality, much better materials, but still nowhere near the build quality of an iPhone. Its case appear cast instead of milled, but it was by far the best built android phone. OS was pretty much the same as the Nexus, better than the Samsung, but it didn't feel as snappy. Camera didn't seem as impressive with its ultra pixel thing, and Im not sure it can do 4k video.

    In summing up, the S5 was a massive disappointment.
  2. Could you tell us more about the iPad nano touch?
  3. In Android, you don't have to have dozens of applications scattered on your home screen. You have an app drawer and a desktop with the shortcuts you want. It actually makes a lot of sense. There's also widgets, which Apple won't give you because that would hurt their egos.
  4. Really? S5 was that much of a disappointment? I don't have an S5 but I got one for my GF and it's got an IR blaster (you can use it as a TV remote), heart rate monitor, a bigger screen than my 5S, it's thinner, it has a removable battery while I pray that nothing happens to my iPhone's battery, her phone's memory is expandable while I am #$%#ed if I reach the limit which happens so many times, her phone is water resistant and dust proof, mine is...umm aluminium back case!!! Yes that's right!!! That's every iphone guru's excuse right? RIGHT?! #$%# yeah I got a metal case and the S5 doesn't.
    Doesn't matter that it's screen is bigger, it has an amoled screen vs my shitty LCD screen with a cool name "retina display". It's resolution and processor makes my phone look like crap.
    But who cares, my phone has metal, therefore better build quality. In conclusion, the S5 sucks

    I wonder what the iphone guru's excuse would be when the metal version of the S5 is out. The S5 Prime is said to have a full metal body, slightly bigger screen, higher resolution.
  5. Actually, Samsung's AMOLED display has never lived up to its specs. Retina is pretty awesome.
  6. Your iPhone has a heart rate monitor built in too, just download the app. I think build quality means a lot more than just materials, but Im sure an aluminium enclosure would improve some of the S5's failings. I also agree the iPhones battery is shit, they need to improve that next time around. Also the water resistance is awesome. Im also pretty sure the iPhone 5S has a faster processor than the GS5.

    I'd consider an S5 prime if the OS wasn't so shit. I might still consider one because I can't fly my drones on an iPhone so if the S5 has usb OTG, ill seriously consider one.
  7. The iphone design isn't practical, no one copies it because other brands couldn't get away with selling such fragile phones. Samsung design really is awful of late though, I switched to sony phones because I couldn't stand the designs after the S3.
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    The HTC One M8 is CNC milled, as was the previous One.

  9. My contract is up for renewal now, so I'm starting to shop for a new phone. Had my iphonse 4s for a couple years now, probably just stay with apple. Either 5s or wait til this fall and see what the 6 has to offer.

    You're welcome for this thoughtful, meaningful contribution to your thread.
  10. all samsungs screens are blue-ish
  11. burner is so insecure about his hardon for apple that he has to make threads like this

    its funny
  12. I still don't understand why people need all that junk on a cell phone.
  13. I like that the S5 is water resistant but if you're looking for an entirely glass/metal product then look elsewhere. All of the Galaxy phones are plastic but they're sturdy, at least. My S3 is still in pretty good shape after 2 years and I only recently cracked the screen in the top right corner. There are a few cracks in the plastic bezel but nothing feels loose.

    I'm due for an upgrade next month and I think I'm going to get the HTC One M8. The camera isn't supposed to be as good as the S5's but the price point is much better for essentially the same phone.

    Apple needs to step up their phone game. I had a first-gen iPhone and a 3GS. My parents have iPhone 4's. I feel like Apple's been beating the same drum for 7 years and need something new. Android is leaps and bounds better than it was in 2007 whereas iOS is basically the same. It's a good OS but it feels old.
  14. I recently bought an S5 but was also looking at the HTC one m8. Your right about the camera not being as good, but it is cheaper. I went with the S5 mostly because of the camera, and when I bought it at Costco, it was on sale for the same price as the HTC. I mostly cared about the camera though, as with my old phone I took a little over 4000 pictures with it. So I use the camera a lot.
  15. The camera is good, no doubt, the phone has many redeeming features, but as a complete package it is very flawed. I thought they would have got it right by the 5th generation.
  16. shit i'm still using my galaxy nexus. still fast. still in perfect condition and sturdy despite being made of plastic.

    personally i always hated the metal backing of ipods/iphones. every ipod i've owned became scratched up and ugly after a month. they also all broke extremely easily and i'm not the kind of person that puts my stuff through a lot of wear and tear.
  17. my old nexus still works too. only the on/off button is a bit ruined though
  18. Oppo Find 7
  19. Hey everybody, gather around and watch this 4K video on my 4" display!
  20. This new google project where you can build your own phone looks amazing. I will totally buy one of those if the reality meets the concept.
  21. tbh burner I'm not sure you'll want it. I haven't done much research but as far as I'm aware I don't think they're planning a modular butt plug for it.
  22. Does it come with an apple logo though?
    Or would a banana fit better?
  23. I dont like metal phones. Get scratched too easily. Prefer plastic that can get scratched and its no big deal.
    Im keeping my S4 for a while. Extremely content with it. Cant really imagine a phone getting much better.
  24. I preferred the S2 to the 3 and 4

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