So I played around with a Galaxy S5 today

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by burner, May 24, 2014.

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    I might buy the HTC One M8 just so I can buy the Dot View cover
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    4 minute video on a cell phone case, good lord.
  3. Oh ok. I must have been mislead by their marketing campaign.
  4. Still going ok with my S2.

    One random note: there seems to be wayyy more iphones with cracked screens than any other type of phone. It's probably the stiff casing that makes the screen absorb more of the shock.
  5. Or the fact that iPhone has a 35% market share in Australia so outsells all other phone models 2 to 1.
  6. I have factored that in, have re-run hemi.exe and the statistics still point to iphone decrepitude and user doltishness, my lord.
  7. I've never really understood why apple fanbois need to shove sales figures down everyone's throats, trying to convince us that they made the right choice.
  8. or why you care that much.

    let's compare to cars. there are some objectively bad cars. buying a dodge avenger is stupid. but are there really any phones now that are that bad? seems like it's more of a personal taste/budget thing
  9. iOS needs to stop sucking or Apple might lose me as a customer. Tough choice between getting a phone that I don't like and getting mobile OS that I don't like.
  10. iPhone 6 is going to have to be pretty different to keep a lot of the iPhone people I know from jumping ship.
  11. Everyone loves their iPhones, but hates iOS... that seems to be the norm.
  12. the iPhone5's form factor is the best

    I only use maps, email and sms. that's it. I need more buttery life also and the picture tool to the cloud is good
  13. Jumping in this thread a bit late but what I like best about Apple is their support. If anything, anything at all isnt perfect with the phone, they will replace it free of charge, on the spot. If you've backed up the phone, it syncs up just the way you left it and its like it never even happened.

    Of the two sensors in the power button, one of them stopped working on my gf's phone. The button still worked, but you had to press one side harder than the other. Still we went to apple, and they replaced the phone.
  14. I love my iPhone but I still hate iTunes. Don't know if it's just my computer but it is so slow and even if it were fast I do not like the interface.
  15. I've always defended the form factor and the screen, but the screen needs to be bigger. Competition demands a bigger screen and a redesign of the home screen.
  16. nobody needs a bigger screen
    I hate bigger screens. And yes the homescreen is gay

    stop this non sense its a phone not a tablet
  18. According to a leaked presentation from an internal meeting, the majority of the user base wants a larger screen. In the same presentation they show how much market share they feel they can take from Android if they released a larger form factor.

    The iPad has grown significantly, the iPhone is set to follow suit.
  19. My S3 has been dropped everyday practically. Not a single crack. The last Otterbox and now this generic case and temeped glass screen protector has been good to me. I've had this phone for 20 months now.

    Fast as lightning on CM11. Can't wait for a free GS5 when my contract runs out at the end of the summer.
  20. But that is not the Apple way. They should release stuff that teach the people what they want, not cater to the customers' every current wish.
  21. It's no longer about the Apple Way, its about Tim Cook making Apple as profitable as it can be. He has 1 million shares hanging in the balance.

    Plus, what successful business ignores what its users wants and doesn't actively recruit new users with designs and features that compare to what is out there?
  22. Answer to second paragraph: Apple under Steve Jobs. Which, I believe, was CMG's point.
  23. Yeah, I understand that Tim Cook wants to maximize ROI right now and get a fat bonus, he was much talked about during my university days as he is like me an industrial engineer <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>

    But the only really good thing I learned from going to university for 5 years was from a TED talk some professor showed at a lecture some day: "People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it" or something like that. That's probably the thing that stuck with me most from my entire education. People give a shit about stats and sizes as so forth to a certain point, but what it all comes down to as long as it covers the vital needs is "do I like this stuff?". And it goes from cheap ass tech stuff like phones to cars. When I worked on my master's thesis I met a guy who wantet tot get a BMW 5 series but said he couldn't because he supported a different brand for reasons completely unrelated to anything of what car mags ever write. Brand value and why the brand value is what it is makes such a difference. Even for products that cost +50k USD. People aren't all that reasonable.

    Apple will fail soon. They can keep going for a while on their brand like Mercedes did back when that horrible CEO cut costs and made me lose the image of "German quality", but they must return to some kind of magic. Steve Jobs released the products that he liked, foremost, regardless of focus groups or whatever. I like that.
  25. where that TED video to prove this

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