So I played around with a Galaxy S5 today

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by burner, May 24, 2014.

  1. ?
  2. Seems legit!
  3. htc one and m8 are the best looking phones hands down
    no case on mine and still looks great, though i rarely drop it
  4. Yeah you are right, its not the same company under Cook. Not a single innovation since Steve Jobs' death is pathetic. The need Ives to take over, and push through products.
  6. I have an S4 active. Its selling point was the waterproof-ness. I've tested it by scuttling it in pitchers of beer as a drunken party trick of sorts. The S5 doesn't really offer me anything new, per se. Of course, you'd probably testify that mine was 'built of arse' or whatever hackjobbery of the English language you would bestow upon us. However, mine has been sturdy and dependable for it's current 7 month life.

    Alas, until we go back to brick phones the size of, say, bricks, your build quality complaints will remain at large.
  7. hackjobbery of the English language
    it's current 7 month life

  8. My bad English wasn't under circumspection, sir. I can be as horrible as I want.
  9. sif you have a choice
  10. I was raised in a city of California that wasn't blessed with the quality of English teachers as where you're from. Please, excuse my ignorance. Be nice to me. Cradle me. Teach me.
  11. Never mind, bought an HTC One M8 harmon-kardon edition yesterday. It's pretty slick, and the hk headphones are blowing my mind.
  12. Is that the HTC One M8 Harmon-Kardon Edition with Clarify (TM) to make your MP3s sound as they intended?
  13. what's a good way to rake up data use to piss verizon off since i unlimited still
  14. Stream video. I watch TV in my car, it eats up a ton of data.
  15. shouldn't you be driving though
  16. He drives an automatic sports car so he can watch tv and drive
  17. Sure
  18. I turn it off at ludicrous speed.
  19. You drive a Hyandai. They don't do speed.

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