So I was : Let's get a job at HONDA

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by norco123, Apr 2, 2009.

  1. finally, someone calls my broke ass back, been needing a part-time job foravaar, wish me luck in the interview u cocks.
  2. good shit son, good place to build your rep in the scene
  3. fo sho homie. I am pumped
  4. Make sure to let them know you got veetaks that will make you win, also tell them u post here...
  5. I worked for Honda for about 9 months
  6. Man I have an interview this Sunday for another Valet place. Hope I get it I'm broke too...even McDonalds didn't hire me.
  7. What's the job about?
  8. I almost took a job as a valet about 5 months ago. It was like a super serious 45 minute interview, and this was after I had to score in the top 10% on their online exam just to get an interview. I was: wow, this is pretty intense just to be some jerk who parks cars in a lot.
  9. I've already worked as a valet. I enjoyed it and with tips the pay is decent.
  10. Part-time in the service department, getting paid to do oil changes and shit, sounds awesome to me.
  11. jobs are for suckers stick it to the man man
  12. listen to this man
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