So I was: Let's get a new car for Christmas

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by sixspeedfirebird, Dec 24, 2009.

  1. Which is why I said pretty good, not great. Especially on a Subaru around here. And they gave us about $700 over book on her old Sonata.
  2. God I love the new Outback, but they're just a little too expensive with the options we wanted. I would absolutely consider one if I wasn't driving as much as I am for work right now.

    Pluus just bought a house and this car, don't need moar debts.
  3. This is a 4 banger. 170hp/170tq 2.5L, but still a 4 banger.
  4. West Virginia is all mountain passes and canyon racing.

    It's not the kind of place you want to get stuck on an uphill climb in a Miata because riding your bumper is a big coal truck.
  5. driving in WV is scary, #$%#in' hairpins with 18 wheelers coming the other direction and what not
  6. Driving in WV is awesome.
  7. congratulations, now go drift a little bit and learn the lifestyle.
  8. Yes. And kinda scary.
  9. The Legacy is a great deal. Solidly built, safe, AWD, nice interior, good gas mileage and inexpensive.

    And congrats on the house, that's great. Did you get a job as an accountant?
  10. Yeah, started a few months ago actually.

    We were gonna wait on the car, but her mom threw up "I'll make the payments for the first year" on us, plus the instant sales tax - tax rebate, just too good to pass up. 3.9% for 63 months is about as good of a financing deal I've heard of on a Subaru around here too.

    Plus she snow drifted into a guardrail at like, 5mph the other day. It needed brakes, the trans was starting to shift hard, and it could have used tires. And of course in WV, the house we bought is up on top of a mountain...
  11. I went once and it was seriously like some kind of 3rd world county's death road.

    This narrow ass road on the side a mountain that was big enough for 1 car except it was a 2 lane road with a huge logging truck doing 50 - 60mph down the mountain.
  12. Sounds about right. The interstates; 64, 77, 79; have got to be some of the most enjoyable major highways on the east coast to drive. Great scenery, a few twists and turns thrown in to keep you awake, generally not much traffic. . .

    I like my shitty little state!

    Where abouts were you driving with log trucks barreling down the mountains? Bad-off mountain towards Hinton is a narrow super windy mountainside road and is notorious for retarded log drivers.
  13. See it's a great car isn't it? all you haters were so butthurt about the redesign, go drive one and stfu

    I've driven a ton of them, 2.5CVT, 2.5GT with STI 6spd, and 3.6R, really great cars and a lot of value
  14. To be honest I'm not really sure where we were. My friend had found some 280Z parts that he wanted so I figured i'd tag along since I had never been out that way.

    It's a beautiful state though

    I want to visit that bridge people base jump off of. I think it's the tallest in north america?
  15. New River Gorge Bridge in Fayetteville, not 15 minutes from my parent's house. I fish underneath it every summer.

    Tallest arch bridge I believe, yeah. And tallest anyone base jumps from, yesh. It was the longest (or maybe longest in the Western Hemi) arch bridge in the world for quite a while, but I think some new bridge surpassed it, I don't really know, I just know it's awesome.

    Pics not from the bridge or anything, but another part of the river. If you ever decide to visit the bridge, while you're in the area you should head to Grandview national park in Beckley.

    I can tour guide the fuuck outta WV.
  16. I got run off a road out there by a gas truck and had to get a wrecker to tow me out because the truck I was driving was on the edge of rolling off the hill. But I was on a forest road rather than a state road.
  17. Is your girlfriend fully aware of the size of your giant head, or is she blind? (assuming she is blind as why else would you drive such an ugly arse car?)
  18. I smell envy
  19. I am green
  20. i got a couple good beers. Dogfish Head Red&White and Stone Old Guardian. i like the Red&White so far, could have a bit more spice for my tastes. Then i got a beer kit, its a Fat Tire clone.
  21. You posted this in the wrong thread. Most be thoses beers that are kicking in.<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  22. I hope this relationship works for the best.
  23. I don't think it was the way the car drives that people disliked about the redesign. More so the fact that they turned what was a great looking car, into something bland and ugly.
  24. And this is the vibe I get from reviews of said vehicle. It really is fugly.
  25. I don't really think it's an ugly car, but it is definitely boring to look at.

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