So I was: Let's get a new car for Christmas

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by sixspeedfirebird, Dec 24, 2009.

  1. at least it has 170hp, here only wrx and sti subarus have some power, aside of that you have serious problems finding any legacy with more than 150hp. imprezas are even worse with 90 and 125 hp only ...
  2. I smell trolling. It smells stale and reminds me of 2004
  3. phewwwww, i almost was scared you betrayed me.
  4. looks beautiful. reminds me of france. i always though west virginia was long straight roads and miles of ranches.
  5. Legacy comes with 265hp too
  6. ja not here, subaru yurop sukks
  7. stock Imprezas are 170hp
  8. dunno about the new models, but doubt they're stock 170hp here. The Subaru buyers make it even worse, they buy these 1.6l 90hp Imprezas en masse, instead of something with an interesting powerhouse under the hood ... :-/
  9. and you can get that power with either a 2.5l turbo or a 3.6l flat 6
  10. Long straight roads don't exist in WV.
  11. Heard anything about the CVT in these? I know it's just a year old, but still...
  12. it's supposed to be good, Nissan's been using them for a couple years now. it's just strange and doesn't feel right when you WOT, since it just sits near redline and stays there as you gain speed. dunno how that affects the engine wear though..
  13. Yeah, the latest is available with a 1.5 cylinder engine producing a bit over 100. It's just an extra basic model. At least it's not as bad as the early 80's or late 70's when bigger cars (opel ascona, ford sierra, ford granada, volkswagen passat) etc were available with 1200 engines hahah.
  14. It definitely feels a little funny, and takes some getting used to. Still kinda cool though.

    I can see why the Prius uses a CVT, if you're really smooth with this car/trans it'd get killer mileage I'm sure.
  15. meh, non turboed subaru engines are a failure on the euro market, if you look for used cars here out of 100 legacys you get one 3.0R if you're lucky, and out fo 500, maybe one 2.5GT. and to top the shittery, half of them are automatic ... I need a new car and dunno what to get :-|
  16. older audi s8 4.2 v8 with the 6 speed zf
  17. would (or normal A8, cheaper), but the maintenance would probably kill me :-(
  18. 51000 USD.

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