so I was: lets go LeMons racing

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  1. also added to first post is names of folk in on this and the cost of showing up. also I've raised 2k dollars from sponsorship today to go towards safety equipment so we'll at least have the cage built for that.
  2. Me?
    Are you sure your meant me?
    Where is road america I've only fourzad it
  3. its in elkhart lake wisconsin. its bananatucker I was thinking about. I've talked to him via the internet and he's in as well.
  4. le mons pubis
  5. you should get in on this.

    we also need some hilarious support staff besides our 320lb trunk monkey.
  6. ugh now i feel useless
  7. if we somehow do well at this I'm thinking the car can just travel from team to team. you can either join us in wisconsin or do your own in cali.
  8. Im in if we get a RWD car.
  9. thats all I'm looking at currently. I'm going to look at a bunch of old volvos tomorrow and maybe a 924. if you're in as long as its RWD I'm pretty sure I can do that.
  10. sweet! that sounds awesome
  11. What about some american car? Some F body or old mustang? Probably super cheap parts.

    Or miata....
  12. gonna keep on that. basically I've got 500 dollars from 4 breweries. going to try and raise enough to cover all our safety stuff/parts costs. possibly also enough for a motorhome that we can use as a base.
  13. i'm in for that if we can find one. only I problem I have about finding cars around here is rust and those cars tend to go for quite a bit of money. the volvo option can be done very cheap because I literally have homes full of parts for these things.
  14. Hmm, breweries you say? I have an in with Pipeworks Brewing. They just opened up last year but theyre making a big name for themselves already... doubt they'd have extra money to do sponsorship but who knows...
  15. I've just basically been asking folk I know who own breweries. those were the first ones to get back to me. haven't even gone through my motorsports people list to get sponsorship stuff. all else fails we'll just be sponsored by a bunch of beer people and our after the track goes cold drinking and eating could be rediculous.
  16. let me know. I've never met anyone from this stupid site I've been a (sort of) part of since I was like 13 lol. I'd love to do something for you guys. Im also a DJ saftey retailer and they sponsor our race truck. I might be able to get you guys a badass deal on harness, helmets, fire suits, ect.
  17. you sir are awesome.

    if you and your friends are interested in possibly doing this with either the car I build or one you build take a look at the link in post 2 and read the rules. they're fairly easy to follow and it seems like a good time.
  18. The prestigious life of a sports car mechanic can't afford to race in Targa Newfoundland? this is hilarious.
  19. this lets more people participate and will probably be a bit more fun. i've done Targa Newfoundland before kind of want to do something I haven't done before.
  20. I'll do it if it's the LeMons race at Sears Point or Thunderhill.
  21. so theres 2 people who would be in for a california event thats halfway to the amount of people needed.

    also we should probably start to discuss who'll be driving.
  22. I guess it all depends on how competitive we'd want to be. I've never done any sort of road racing... just one speed carts. Though I typically place pole, and stay consistent if that amounts for anything. Blitz has done some autoX, and has a shifter cart now maybe the chicago area crew can do laps in for practice.
  23. well we need a minimum of 4. I know norco has lots of cart experience and I assume andrew has alot of track experience. I have some racing experience but i'm not extraordinarily quick and I'd probably prefer to not drive.
  24. my years of valet experience have surely prepared me for this moment
  25. I hope the car is a little more reliable than this website.

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