so i was: lets have a sex...

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Wheelman, Sep 1, 2013.

  1. why don't you guy start a site and get profits!!!! from it?
  2. Like one of those hot milf wife sites? Like wifeysworld? That'd be rad but I'd rather not constantly be worried about stalkers and family abolishment.
  3. I've done it a few times on Yahoo cam back in the day. lmao some ugly dude literally across the country paypaled me and my girl $100 two different times to watch us do it because he was all obsessed with her. I was like, #$%# it, it's free money for banging the slut I'm seeing at the time.
    Hell, I've banged in public many times when I was younger due to lack of having a place.
  4. Why is she so red?
  5. She had a few vodkas
  6. And she is a polish cum guzzling #%[email protected]
  7. Would you throat#$%# her?
  8. No because I hate Polacks in general
  9. I thought British girls were cum guzzling whorzzz?
  10. Hitler hated Poles.

    Are you in support of the Waffen SS? Bist du eine blitzkreiger?

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