so i was: lets look at Champions League final

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by BlackendRoseRX7, May 28, 2009.

  1. does the title please you, James?

    great game, Barcelona did it playing beautifully like Pep promised they would. i'm really happy that they won the way they did,and really liked the honor guard after the game, i thought that was top class.

    overall great final, no?
  2. i wanted manchester to do almost a gol, though barca is awesome
  3. You didn't do it right.
  4. United started the better team but the first goal changed everything and united played terrible after it.
  5. Christ I can't even come on here to get away from it!?

    Ah well, Barca were the better team, and that's all I can say right now, at least I got drunk enough to forget about losing.
  6. Well no, it wasn't really a great final. For that to be true, both teams have to play for more than 10 minutes..
  7. I'm just glad Man U lost.
  8. what was the Barcelona vs Bayern Munich aggregate score again?
  9. Oh I'm sorry, you must have been thinking of that time the entire starting back line and a couple a reserves WERENT injured. Seriously, get fUcked the EPL is for fAgs
  10. Why, because it's better than the Bundesliga?
  11. Congratulations, your league is the richest. You still got beat by a spanish side.
  12. Barcelona are paupers now?
  13. lol @ the word pauper in english language.
  14. Watching Barcelona struggle against Chelsea Leads be to believe the Arsenal team of 07/08 are better than this Current Barcelona team, Well played Barca though.

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