so i was: let's new motorcycle...

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  1. I need more motorcycle. Two is not enough, though I may sell the '78 CB400 and still have two, but they will be a good two. I don't like riding the honda anymore, too buttery, too soft, too wishywashy. Not enough cowbell.

    I consider Royal Enfield! What is your opinion? Continental GT or Classic 500?

    Mechanically they are very similar, cost wise... also similar.

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  2. How about something not gay or hipster.
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  3. Get a real man's bike.

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  4. classic 500 is a bike Indi-Paks love. I like it as well.
  5. Are you 60?
  6. Yeah, he should get something covered in plastic panels, 5 different colors and that looks like the bastard son of a Transformer and a Power Ranger

  7. I think the Conti GT looks way cooler, but it's all about whatever you prefer at the personal level. Are you buying them new? Are you not considering anything else?
  8. Exactly. Or the one I posted. Preferably the one I posted. Definitely the one I posted.
  9. Use your unique option, your taste in bikes sucks.
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    Alright then, let's have your recommendation.

    You probably wouldn't even recommend a motorcycle. You're probably just gonna post a pic of a cardigan or something.
  11. Thruxton/Bonneville/Unreliable/PA$$ION
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  12. I've missed you
  13. You were always my favourite, Spanklin ;)
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  14. I can't afford that fancy stuff. I have other motorcycles to keep running!
  15. :p:D;)
    : pnut
  16. In truth I love bobbers. Not a huge cafe racer fan. But i do appreciate a well maintained vintage bike
  17. The cafe racer one.

    How are those less soft than the CB? Italians are too costly too?
  18. I've driven a lot of japanese bikes recently, and they are all completely passive and spongey compared to my Harley.

    Unless you're talking crotch rocket, which I am not because they are hideous.

    And the Italian bikes I like are very much so too costly.
  19. This peice of sex, if I could ever even find one in this country, would cost nearly double than my Harley, my Honda, and the Enfield I want to buy combined.

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  20. [​IMG]
  21. Mechanically, the engine's similar but the chassis and suspension isn't. I would suggest going for the continental GT. It's got a harris designed chassis and better paoli shocks. It is a better bet overall and looks cooler as well.

    However, do not make a decision without a very extensive test ride of the bike. Enfields are generally very simple bikes but aren't the fastest or the best handling ones. I believe there's a new 650cc twin cylinder continental that'll be out in a few weeks.

    How about a used street triple? Should be in a similar price range.
  22. Look at this bike. It looks like a fucking running shoe.


    And clearly he's not looking to cross the Dakar desert, so why are you recommending this?
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  23. Yes, there's a dealer in Ottawa and I intend to take a couple test rides of both in the spring.

    Buddy of mine has a Street Triple. I've ripped it around a few times, gotta say.... not impressed. It's too quiet, too smooth, too digital, and bordering on too aggressive. Not to mention it's freaking hideous. Even my buddy, a die-hard Triumph fan boy, had to admit that the 78 Honda 400 sounded better than his $13k 675.
  24. I am actually very much in the market for a BMW but the only two I like are not easy to find around here

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