So I was: Lets essentials

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  1. what
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  3. wait...I have a coming out thread?

  4. Oh look who's back.
  5. I've becoming the lazy **** everybody was afraid for, but I'll try
  6. but i'm glad one of my threads made it!
  7. "So I was: Lets" is always going to be an SCN meme
  8. Nevah Forget
  9. It is a talking point, that's true.
  10. women-repeller? Just this saturday I had three hot chicks fingering my beard for like 5 minutes
  11. I'm proud, really!
  12. sure buddy.
  13. They were trying to imagine what you'd look like without it.
  14. did you finger their beards
  15. Opportunity: Missed.
  16. this thread brings back so many good memories.
  17. and if this things wasn't a gigantic pile of shit, there would still be images and stuff.
  18. Possibly my favorite thread.
  19. ridiculous
  20. I don't even
  21. this thread is alright... but it's no "sit on your scanner", nor does it compare to that thread where the FBI threw batteries at some bum through the door of a hospital.
  22. fbi batteries thread still remains one of my all time favorite threads.
  23. excellent thread that delivers

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