So I was: Lets essentials

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by MooSquad, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. #$%# the videos, let's buy this site from them.
  2. how much is it worth
  3. I'll leave when I reach 60k
  4. no you won't
  5. $200 at the moment
  6. so close
  7. leave
    I don't like you much
    you're boring and french
  8. 666 number of the beast lol so much teen angst!!

  9. number of the beast!
  10. Hey

    We need all the members

    Even the cranky ones
  11. drano is a top tier member. stop having bad taste toxa
  12. TOXA > Draneaux
  13. already proved that people can't run a forum.
  14. It went pretty fine during the time was down
    When got back online again is when the great divide happened
    Plus that it was overactive when it come to (irony) moderation
  15. Moo could run a forum

    I just know he could, all by himself

    Life experience and shit (I've had too much)

    He is trustworthy

    He is intelligent

    He can see trough certain things in people

    He has a good sense of humour

    He knows when to help and when to ask for help

    He knows what is a joke and what's srs

    He knows when to take action and when to chill

    He can appreciate different aspects in people

    He is cultured and civilized

    Anyone who has interacted with him should know that

    Otherwise there is a good chance that you are clinically retarded
  16. and I fall silent when reading things like these... thanks, though
  17. It's all true, Robert.

  18. aww shtaaaap it


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