So I was: let's skate

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by superserge, Feb 5, 2012.

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  2. what i dont understand about skateboarding is how do you get the #$%#ing board to stay stuck to your feet when it is in the air?! it baffles me

    also, how was that footage shot while you were moving? was someone else filming on a skatboard also or something?
  3. why dont you ask a scientist
  4. Newton
  5. haha
  6. lookit this nerd
  7. hahah scientist ging doesn't understand fundamentals of physics.

  8. fakie = massive air
  9. velcro

    the possibilities are endless just use your brain for once if not for that ginger hair for yours!! :A
  10. madcuunt
  11. Oh bugger off you guys!!

    The only stupid question is the one that doesnt get asked
  12. Why are you a GINGE?
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    the narrator is telling us he's perfoming an ollie but it's a 180. fucKing discovery
  14. Well that is due to a point mutation in the MC1R gene involved in melanin biosynthesis, giving a nonfunctional protein product that results in a higher abundance of pheomelanin that gives the ginger hair colour
  15. This mfing liars is making me sick.
  16. Ya right I think it's a gypsy curse
  17. have you never seen lil tweens with sik ass cameras following eachother around your local sidewalks / outdoor furniture doing sik lil indie kickflips super nose grabs on the stairwell ?

    basically they slap on the fisheye lens then one lil kid sits on the board and aims at the other lil kid and they follow eachother around while the one kid does sweet lil flips and stuff.

  18. Timmy records himself and his friends cruising the suburbs on bmxs
    Records with film not video
  19. Alphonse
    you KNOW ...indie kickflip is NOT..

    the h*ck you act this way i will never know..
  20. Indie nosebone superstylish
  21. i saw these lil tween sk8r boys stealing tins of pepsi from the grocery store last night and i just got SO MAD
  22. on some #realsquawk
    kids are so good these days i have seen kids play skate around here and in Love park and they're doing tricks that only pros could land 10 years ago, like playing skate and doing switch varial flips, nollie flips, dudes can land like super crispy tre flips and hardflips
  23. Y
    That was your lifestyle when you were that age

    Who made your member picture
  24. jelemy rin

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