So i was so of: i have a tentam tomorrow!

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by countdown, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. it's really really difficult. i must a lot learning, but i have no time more!

    this is #$%#!
  2. I find that really bollocks for you, I hope that you you tentam good make tomorrow
  3. Which subject must you learn? I wish you much strength
    Have you good learned for this?
  4. thanks! i love of you
  5. it goes over projectmanagement. it is a fat book. i am over the half now. so i must 100 pages learning in 1 evening.
  6. I love of, I have yet not so hard laughing today!

  7. I must yet still go under the shower today bethink I myself yet
  8. i was today also really lazy. i could not out my bed come.
  9. Ik find this topic really good. I entertain myself well here. Let's we not forget that this site about cars goes. Maybe should we it about cars must having.
  10. I am right to the sportschool been
  11. what for caars find you nice?
  12. Formula 1 is ****!
  13. i hate the sportschool. always lots dirty people.
  14. formule 1 was good in the years eighty and ninety.
  15. I find the BMW E46 M3 fat cool
  16. not on mine sportschool. But there are not much hot 'grieten'
  17. yes, looks there nice out. sounds also very delicious.
  18. I love of French and Italian cars. Especially from the years 60 til 80. Oh, and I love too of East-European cars.
  19. yes that is one pluspoint of the sportschool, but i go rather hardwalking or swimming.
  20. my english what I the last four years have learned goes to the testicles
  21. I have also a weak for french cars. they look there nice out, compared with other cars from that period.
  22. haha, you blowjobduck.
  23. I find it not a pluspoint that there are no chicks on mine sportschool.
  24. Yes, the technology stood not still in that time. They were far ahead for their time and saw there very nice out.
  25. you tuberculosispatient

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